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8 BNB Chain Project Stars in August

2022.8.20  •  7 min read
Blog post image.

Disclaimer: The information provided through the BNB Chain community does not constitute advice or recommendation for investment or trading. Projects are listed in no particular order below. BNB Chain does not take responsibility for any of your investment decisions. Please seek professional advice before taking financial risks.

Innovation never stops. BNB Chain is committed to identifying and supporting the best potential innovators in our ecosystem, expanding our boundaries and helping users from all walks of life enter the web3 world seamlessly. Our Star Projects each month are the best of the best in driving this process.

In this article, we outline 8 innovative projects on BNB Chain for you. Among them are innovative trading tools, exciting blockchain games, disruptive music NFT platforms, and powerful Web3 data and domain services. Come and join us to find out what is so fascinating about these projects!

Wam: Play to Earn Social Gaming Platform

Our Project Star WAM has already been distinguishing itself, as finalist at the Mobile Games Award 2021/2022 for the Best Innovation Category for two years in a row.

The project has reached the number one spot in the charts of the Romanian App Store multiple times, overtaking names like TikTok, Disney, Netflix.

WAM’s unique incentives program from our roadmap: besides P2E, having own2earn (own games as NFT), develop2earn (publish games on WAM and get rewards), promote2earn (promote tournaments and games and get incentives), stream2earn (Special tool for streamers to get incentives)

The project has been actively involved in supporting various fields. WAM has already established several significant partnerships: First Division Romanian Football team - U CLUJ, All Star Game (annual Basketball game, involving the best players), Sports Festival (largest multi-sport event in Romania), UNTOLD (one of the largest music festivals), and Digital Crusade (biggest eSports event in Romania).

The team, made up of 36 members and growing, has attracted over 30 business partners. The project has seen  more than 5,000,000 players since Beta launch in Feb 2021 and already has more than 570,000 registered users. This is easy to understand when you see they already have 45 Games (and counting) with a special Tournament mode.

With a community of over 240,000 that has already seen over 850,000 in-app transactions since the Play to Earn launch in April this year, it’s easy to see why the project is picking up momentum.

Tangled: Social Discovery App

Our next BNB Chain Project Star Tangled, is a live social discovery app where you can meet people with similar interests. Every moment you spend hanging out with people in Tangled is monetized and rewarded.

The team has already confirmed that the Tangled mobile application will officially be available to download from the 25th of August. This will offer users ease of access as they begin to navigate the different features.

With the Web3 platform already offering a fun experience for users, with a sleek backdrop that offers access to its Web3 live chat, where you can begin to interact with other users in the industry.

Tangled’s Timepiece NFTs are characterized by various color schemes and cute monsters (a.k.a Juicyfurs), these generative Tangled Timepieces make for a creative and interesting addition to your NFT collection. The social network seeks to reward users for the time they spend interacting and is set to offer an intriguing alternative to other social platforms that have become a mainstay in our lives.

Rareboard: NFT Marketplace Aggregator

Rareboard is an NFT Marketplace Aggregator built for BNB Chain. During their first month as part of the Binance MVB program the platform has surpassed 29,000 BNB in all-time trade volume and 4500 in mint volume, hosting over 100 collections. This comes from their aggregation of more than 10 different NFT Marketplaces spread across the BNB Chain network.

The project has also been working hard on new features to keep the community safe, with our new Shielded Buys and Shielded Bids. Rareboard users can now safely bid and buy on dynamic NFTs from marketplace partners, in the knowledge that Rareboard's code will not allow the seller to remove accessories or other valuable items from the NFT before the sale goes through.

The team is close to adding trending NFT collections to the home page of Rareboard, so users will be able to see at a glance the entire ecosystem. Rareboard’s data engineers have completed the backend for this, and they are looking forward to providing accurate and trustworthy data to all NFT collectors, researchers and analysts.

MVB has also opened up several inbound conversations with Venture Capital firms, looking to participate in the project's private sale later this year.

ApolloX: The First CEX-DEX Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange

ApolloX is our next Project Stars on BNB chain. ApolloX have made considerable progress on its DEX Engine. The team has outlined its intention to bring world class perpetual futures trading experience to users together with its DEX partners.

The project has also already achieved 200K total active addresses in the last month, which is a commendable milestone. Furthermore, in relation to community management, ApolloX passed its first vote in DAO and created several incentives to our DAO participants.

Check out our major updates in the past month and let’s keep building!

⁃ Launched “DEX Engine” SDK which allows other projects to build their own futures DEX powered by ApolloX

⁃ Recruited 7 DEX partners including PancakeSwap, ApeSwap, etc. and another 10+ in the pipeline

⁃ Released the smart contract for daily APX repurchase to benefit staking users in DAO

NodeReal: Infra Service Provider

NodeReal is a one-stop blockchain infrastructure service provider that embraces the high-speed blockchain era and empowers developers by ‘Making your Web3 Real’. The team are supporting the BNB Chain ecosystem with the following:

MegaNode: the fastest RPC/Archive and API service including Enhanced APIs. Check out our performance report for more information

Semita: enterprise-grade customizable application chain solution which secured Project Galaxy and CUBE (Netmarble) as the first 2 showcases

Developer Community Growth: NodeReal is fully supporting BNBChain in Blockchain education, talent development, hackathon, and conferences.

Gomu: Infra Project Making Web3 Open to All

Our latest Project Star Gomu has already begun to make an impact in our industry with its robust API offerings. The project ensures that creators and developers can utilize its services to launch Web3 experiences on BNB Smart Chain with a more a more seamless approach that yields the same effective results.

Instead of setting up your own nodes and infrastructure, you can now use Gomu NFT APIs to integrate Web3 elements into both existing and new products, ranging across NFT marketplaces, crypto wallets, NFT collection sites and more! This reduces the setup and launch timelines, enabling your teams to go to market faster.

The project's upcoming roadmap includes new sources of data and marketplace support, as well as additional widgets and tooling, to help accelerate and enrich the Web3 development experience for creators and developers.

Gomu is an outward facing project that is set to benefit our entire ecosystem. Follow our Project Star for the latest innovative developments.

Element: Community-Driven Aggregated Marketplace

Element is the first community-driven aggregated marketplace, built to save time and money. The project strives to offer users access to the best liquidity, lowest transaction costs, and most efficient trading functions.

The Element team aims to keep up with hot market and industry trends and continuously introduces new products, while also upgrading and optimizing existing features, to bring the best experience to users. Its multi-market listings currently support Element, OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2 and other trading markets.

With a refined ranking system that is easily accessible and supports multidimensional query with additional functions like whale-tracking, real-sales volume and order volume, the project seeks to keep their users informed at all times.

pStake: Multi-Chain Liquid Staking Protocol

pStake, having recently launched its liquid staking product on BNB Chain, has been chosen as one of our monthly stars for August.

The project is a multi-chain liquid staking protocol that unlocks the liquidity of PoS assets by issuing staked representative tokens against users’ bonded assets, allowing them to earn DeFi yields on top of staking rewards. pSTAKE’s liquid staking solution is live on 3 chains, namely Cosmos, Ethereum, and Persistence.

Liquid staking support for BNB has now gone live after the project saw their contract undergo extensive audits. Additionally, pSTAKE is in the process of developing liquid staking solutions for other leading assets in the industry.

pStake is the flagship product built by the Persistence team. They are one of the earliest adopters of Proof-of-Stake and have been building in the Cosmos ecosystem since 2019 (BNB Beacon chain is also built using the Cosmos SDK). They participated in the first ever PoS incentivised testnet (Game of Stakes), launch of the Cosmos Hub, and initial testnet for Inter-Blockchain Communication (Game of Zones).

pSTAKE is committed to constantly bringing liquid staking innovation to popular PoS chains and DeFi ecosystems. pSTAKE is leading the charge and already beginning to gain traction. The rise in pSTAKE’s adoption is a testament to the demand from stakers to unlock additional yield in DeFi.

The team’s broader vision is to make liquid staked stkASSETs the default assets of the staking economy and become a one-stop-shop for users to stake and find DeFi opportunities across top-tier ecosystems. With much more planned in the pipeline, Persistence and pSTAKE are poised to make a notable impact on DeFi moving further into 2022 and beyond.

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