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8 BNB Chain Project Stars in October

2022.10.15  •  5 min read
Blog post image.

Disclaimer: The information provided through the BNB Chain community does not constitute advice or recommendation for investment or trading. Projects are listed in no particular order below. BNB Chain does not take responsibility for any of your investment decisions. Please seek professional advice before taking financial risks.

Innovation never stops. BNB Chain is committed to identifying and supporting the best potential innovators in our ecosystem, expanding our boundaries and helping users from all walks of life enter the Web3 world seamlessly.

In October, we have 8 Project Stars including NFT games, GameFi platform, DEX Protocol,  Web3 event platform, DAO tools, Layer2 Solution, Oracle, etc. They have been chosen as a result of distinguishing themselves as the very best in driving this process. Let's delve into these exciting projects!

Stella Fantasy: A Premium Character Collectible NFT MMORPG Game

Stella Fantasy aims to break away from the outdated graphics and simple gameplay mechanics prevalent in the existing NFT game market and pursue to create a more complete and full-fledged game. They inherited and developed the core of collectible action RPG that have been polished for decades and integrated them in the world of Stella Fantasy to achieve this - players will be able to collect and interact with various characters with unique personalities, explore and experience real-time action combat against powerful foes.

P12: GameFi Platform with Sustainable Economies

P12 is a GameFi platform where all players can interact in harmonic and sustainable co-existence. They serve as infrastructure and are neutral to all newcomers who want to succeed in building their games. Developers have the freedom to focus on the highest-quality content, and players are not forced to own any assets to play games on the P12 platform.

Recently BNB Chain is partnering with P12 and Quest 3 to launch P12 Arcana, a Web3 game carnival of 2022 in The International 2022. It offers a series of exciting & engaging activities for users to interact with, including but not limited to playing and calculating winners for substantial rewards, lotteries, and voting contests.

Wombex: Boosting LP Yield and Concentrating Governance Power Across Wombat

Wombex Finance is a BNB chain native protocol for boosting LP yield and concentrating governance power across Wombat. Wombat AMM innovation coupled with the veToken model opened the next chapter for yield generation on the BNB chain. An efficient veToken-based protocol requires a special tool for governance coordination which benefits protocol growth and helps LPs to allocate capital. Wombex combines the power of liquidity providers and WOM token holders, supercharging each other and accelerating long-term Wombat growth. For this purpose, Wombex accumulates veWOM and aggregates LPs deposits simultaneously.

Dracoo World:  A Blockchain Virtual World Based on Dracoo IP

Dracoo World is a blockchain virtual world based on Dracoo IP. It comprises multiple different types of games and communities and allows players to create their own exclusive games and earn profits. Users can buy and sell on-chain virtual lands, use the map editor or game editor to create their own exclusive scenes or games, and enter other Web3 applications and ecosystems around the globe. They also allow external NFTs to enter our universe.

In the future, they will build a complete Dracoo World universe based on Dracoo IP, which includes multiple Dracoo-IP-based games, a blockchain-based feature to buy & sell lands and freely create buildings on these lands, an editor that allows users to freely edit and publish Dracoo games, as well as a complete community and an open, fair community trading system. We strive to make Dracoo World the biggest on-chain virtual social platform.

Quest3: A Web3 Quest and Event Platform

Incubated by Hogwarts Lab, Quest3 is a web3 quest and event platform. On the Quest3 platform, ads will be delivered in a fun and gamified way. Based on the customer acquisition characteristics of Web3.0 projects, users are actively receiving advertisement information while completing quests and getting rewards, and then transforming into community members to carry out secondary communication for the project, realizing a win-win situation for advertisers and users.

Quest3 is committed to providing a variety of permissionless on-chain and off-chain quests for GameFi, DAOs, communities and projects, benefiting users continuously, flourishing the propagation ecosystem and realizing Web3 native value delivery.

XDAO: Multichain DAO Ecosystem

​XDAO is a unique tool for creating Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and jointly managing crypto assets in just a few clicks. Before XDAO, there were no effective and convenient tools for companies and projects to invest in decentralized protocols as a joint entity or syndicate.

In XDAO, a group of people can easily create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, deposit crypto assets, manage them by voting, sell DAO shares and directly interact with DeFi protocols. Read our spotlight article to know more about them.

Boba Network: First L2 (Optimism ) Launch with BNBchain

Boba Network is a blockchain Layer-2 scaling solution and Hybrid Compute platform offering lightning fast transactions and fees up to 100x less than Layer-1. Their hybrid compute technology brings the power of Web2 on-chain for the first time, allowing smart contracts to call any external Web2 API to execute complex algorithms such as machine learning classifiers, pull in real-world or enterprise data in a single atomic transaction, or sync with the latest state of a gaming engine. Leveraging off-chain compute and real-world data, developers and creators can offer an enriched experience unlike anything else on the market today.

Pyth: Delivers Real-time On-chain Market Data

Pyth network is a first-party financial oracle solution specifically designed to publish continuous real-world data on-chain in a tamper-resistant, decentralized, and self-sustainable environment. The network incentivizes market participants — exchanges, market makers, and financial services providers — to share directly on-chain the price data collected as part of their existing operations. The network then aggregates this first-party price data and makes it available for free to either on- or off-chain applications.  

BNB Chain has just entered into a partnership with Pyth network, weeks after Pyth network announced the deployment of its first-party financial data on BNB Chain and integration with BNB Sidechain, and will only further improve the quality and robustness of the 100+ price feeds available on Pyth.

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