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A Deep Dive Into BNB Greenfield Use Cases

2023.3.6  •  5 min read
Blog post image.

A core principle underpinning the development of BNB Greenfield is that people should have greater control of how their data is accessed and used. To that end, BNB Greenfield offers a robust array of data permissions – on the data itself, the buckets in which it is stored, and the payment mechanisms attached to that data – that give data owners great flexibility in determining who can access, who can use, and ultimately who can profit from their data. This unique permissioning framework, a key innovation in the decentralized data storage landscape, can interface directly with smart contracts on the BNB Smart Chain ecosystem, opening the door for a new generation of BNB Greenfield dApps to be built that configure, compose and monetize data in the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Users upload and store data on BNB Greenfield, and set various permissions on that data, which are inscribed on the BNB Greenfield blockchain in the form of metadata. The data itself is stored off-chain by a primary storage provider of their choice. BNB Greenfield dApps will be able to interact with metadata on both BNB Greenfield and mirrored metadata on the BNB Smart Chain simultaneously. Users will now be able to completely control access and authority over their own data, making dApps fairer to use and enhancing the overall Web3 user experience.

Here are just a few of the many use cases the new BNB Greenfield plus BNB Chain architecture may now support:

Web Hosting

As a web developer, you may be familiar with hosting services like WordPress, HostGator and Wix. BNB Greenfield will allow any storage provider on BNB Greenfield to act as a web hosting provider. With BNB Greenfield, censorship-resistant websites accessible to anyone in the world can be created without restriction – enabling a new level of internet freedom and equality.

Recommendation Systems & Personalized Services

A recommendation machine similar to the one that appears when you type a letter into the Google search bar or Brave browser is a common feature cloud providers offer their customers. However, it is not as prevalent to see this type of service built into Web3 applications. To create a more personalized Web3 recommendation service for users, developers would need to manage their own database and web hosting platform consisting of their users' web browsing, search and personal data activities. With BNB Greenfield, developers can now build Web3 personalized services and recommendation systems using permissioned data on BNB Greenfield. Developers can also store file execution tasks on BNB Greenfield's storage network to manage the backend of their applications and be able to provide functionality for their dApps.

Data Swapping

As the BNB Chain network grows, so too does the amount of data stored on the blockchain and much of this historic data is expensive to maintain. To address this problem, dApps on BNB Chain will be able to introduce a data swapping feature using BNB Greenfield as a data availability layer to help free up space and make data more easily accessible on the blockchain.

Data swapping is a process in which certain data is identified as no longer relevant and moved into a separate “inactive data” storage container, making it easier to manage, access and use on-chain data. This approach is similar to how a computer's long-term storage system works, where redundant data is stored in a cache to free up memory and improve performance. By allowing data owners to swap and move their data, BNB Greenfield aims to improve the overall performance of the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Subscription-Based Decentralized Applications

BNB Greenfield dApps allow users to manage their own payments based on activity on BNB Greenfield. In addition to simply paying for data usage, users can connect their payment account on BNB Greenfield with a BNB Greenfield dApp that automatically funnels funds to pay for data usage, for example from DeFi staking rewards, making data usage payments a convenient and seamless experience. BNB Greenfield's decentralized smart storage network provides users with more control and flexibility when it comes to managing their payments and data storage costs.

Data Markets

BNB Greenfield can be used to implement a "Pay-to-Research" incentivization framework, in which researchers are compensated directly in cryptocurrency for their work. A smart contract interfacing with an account on BNB Greenfield can automatically release payment to a researcher when certain conditions are met, such as community votes for a particular research file. Furthermore, BNB Greenfield's decentralized storage network allows for secure and transparent storage of research data, which can be accessed by other researchers and organizations who wish to use or build upon it. This way, researchers can be promptly paid for their work and their data can be easily shared, fostering a collaborative research global collective.

Behavioral Analytics

BNB Greenfield can be used to enhance the field of behavioral analytics by allowing data analytics companies to pay users directly for the permission to securely analyze large amounts of static and smart contract- and oracle-enabled dynamic data held by BNB Greenfield storage providers. This functionality can give rise to a new variant of blockchain analytics that taps both data held in BNB Greenfield’s storage network and public data on BNB Chain.

Personal Data Storage and Data Tokenization

BNB Greenfield can be used to back up and store their personal data, such as photos and videos, as well as essential documents, such as resumes and tax documents. BNB Greenfield can also enable the tokenization of stored data on BNB Chain, adding a high level of security to your files.

Business Data Storage

BNB Greenfield can store mission-critical data in a secure environment, such as customer information and financial records. Users can also use the platform to keep confidential documents, such as contracts and legal documents while ensuring they are held securely and can only be accessed by authorized users.

Backup, Disaster Recovery and File Sharing

BNB Greenfield can be used to share files with others in a secure and decentralized manner. This can be useful for collaboration on projects and sharing files that may be too large to send through email or other means.

Other uses for BNB Greenfield include creating backups of important data, which can be helpful in the event of a disaster or data loss. BNB Greenfield’s decentralized nature also has the potential to provide greater control and ownership over data for individuals and businesses, disintermediating centralized, third-party data storage providers.


Integrating oracles with BNB Greenfield can bridge cryptographically signed data stored on BNB Greenfield to external smart contracts to trigger on-chain applications. Or, oracles can trigger BNB Smart Chain’s / BNB Greenfield data contract execution. This configuration can generate new data in buckets on BNB Greenfield, with updated data that an oracle provides.

Limitless Possibilities

BNB Greenfield is a new approach to data management that emphasizes decentralization, scalability and ease of use, representing a significant step forward in data management and control. We are excited to see what the future holds and what new ideas our community of developers and builders comes up with as the project continues to evolve.

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