We want to inform you that the latest version of BNB Chain, release v1.1.8 is now available. The validators and full node operators are encouraged to upgrade their software to version v1.1.8 to improve their performance.


V1.1.8 is a release focused on boosting the performance of node operators. In this release, you can find multiple updates, including Verification & Commit Pipeline, Go Native Tracer, and Block Prune.


State Verification & Commit Pipeline

State verification and storage commit pipeline is introduced in #668. It is an experimental feature that should improve the performance by enabling --pipecommit to the process command.

Ancient Data Prune

Version 1.1.8 introduces a new tool used to prune obsolete undesired block data. This tool will discard block, receipt, and header data in the ancient DB to save space.

Example: ./geth snapshot prune-block --datadir ./node --datadir.ancient ./chaindata/ancient.

Please note that it is necessary to stop the client before pruning. The datadir.ancient is based on datadir, ./chaindata/ancient means ${datadir}/geth/chaindata/ancient.

Go Native Tracer

This version brings a default tracer that is now based on Golang implementation rather than Java Script implementation.

How does this upgrade affect me?

We recommend that all node operators upgrade to V1.1.8 as soon as possible. This release does not affect developers and presents no changes to the EVM module.

Visit our  GitHub for full release notes.

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