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Binance Will Support Potential ETH Fork via ETH PoW Airdrop on BNB Chain

2022.9.9  •  1 min read
Blog post image.

To all our BNB Chain community members,

The Ethereum merge is scheduled to take place between  13th - 15th September, 2022. ETH holders are due to be airdropped ETH PoW tokens, but what about ETH holders on BNB Chain?

The guidance is simple, Binance will help users to pick up their ETH PoW airdrop without having to bridge their ETH tokens back to Ethereum Mainnet. Binance plans to support the ETH PoW tokens in accordance with the potential fork.

All wallet addresses on BNB Chain that have a balance of  0.1 ETH or larger will be eligible for the airdrop of the forked ETH PoW token at a ratio of 1:1.

The airdrop will be based on the snapshot of your ETH balance at the block of BNB Chain (including BNB Beacon Chain and BNB Smart Chain) before the Ethereum fork happens.

We understand that 0.1 ETH and below still registers up to $163 at the time of writing. For this reason we want to urge users with smaller ETH balances to deposit their ETH into Binance ahead of time, and the centralized exchange will ensure that their balance is honored appropriately with an airdrop of the forked token (see Binance announcement here).

It is extremely important that you understand we airdrop solely to wallet addresses and not smart contract addresses.

We hope you enjoy the airdrop, and we have made appropriate plans to ensure that all of our community members will enjoy a seamless experience without having to go out of their way to receive the relevant airdrop.

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