ANKR protocol is an important part of BNB Chain's ecosystem, the protocol have joined us in creating an AMA Campaign to educate users and offer them the opportunity to win exciting prizes.

The team ANKR have joined us in these forthcoming AMAs to help inform our community about the prospect of liquid staking, and how they can get the best out of their BNB. ANKR has already proven its willingness and capability to keep innovating and educating the community as they progress.

The team at ANKR has already impressed and even designed BAS, a framework for developing side-chains on the BNB Chain. The BNB Chain developers have identified BAS and the product line at ANKR as a unique solution to help boost the technical output of the chain and help grow the ecosystem without sacrificing any throughput on the mainnet of the chain.

Now, to educate more BNB Chain users on ANKR, we are thrilled to announce the “ANKR AMA Campaign”, AMA sessions in all of our 15 communities.

Join events below to win a share of the $5000 prize pool, combine business with pleasure and don't miss this campaign!

1st Event:  Join our AMAs with ANKR in all of our 15 communities and get a chance to win AirPods Pro!

Step 1: Enter BNB Chain’s and ANKR’s TG channels

Step 2: Join the regional community you belong to

Step 3: Join our AMA sessions with ANKR

Step 4: Fill out the quiz after each AMA and win your AirPods!

Here is the event agenda with all of our community links:

First Day (27th of July):

Global community: 1pm UTC,
Indian community: 2pm UTC,
African community: 6pm UTC,

Second Day (28th of July):

Turkish community: 11 AM UTC,

Kazakhstan community: 1pm UTC,

Ukrainian community: 3pm UTC,

Portuguese community: 7pm UTC,

Spanish community: 8pm UTC,

Third and Fourth Days (29th-30th of July):

Italian community: 5pm UTC,

Arabic community: 5pm UTC+4,

Vietnamese community: 8:30pm UTC+7,

Filipino community: 8:30pm UTC+8,

Indonesian community: 8:30pm UTC+8,

Chinese community: 8:30pm UTC+8,

French community: 11am UTC+2,

2nd Event: Follow BNB Chain and ANKR on Twitter to win a share of the $1250 prize pool!

Step 1: Follow BNB Chain and ANKR on Twitter

Step 2: Retweet this post (Post link) and tag 2 friends

Step 3: Fill out the form

Please stay tuned to BNB Chain’s Twitter and Telegram to know more about the details of the AMA sessions.

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