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BNB Chain Grant Crowns Education DAO and Decentralized Identity Projects as February Winners

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Exciting news from the world of BNB Chain! The February winners of the BNB Chain Builder Grant Program have just been announced, and we're thrilled to see some amazing projects receiving support. This program is committed to investing up to $500,000 every month in innovative teams ready to take their project to the next level, and this month's winners are FranklinDAO and


FranklinDAO is a group of over 100 passionate students from the University of Pennsylvania who share an interest in blockchain and decentralized finance. The team is composed of delegates across various DeFi protocols and projects in the space, as well as committees focused on development, research, and investments.

With the support of the BNB Chain Builder Grant Program, the team plans to facilitate fun and educational experiences for its members and explore the potential of this partnership. The team is excited to be more involved with BNB Chain in the future and looks forward to exploring the potential of this partnership. is the leading identity-verification nonprofit providing an open-source, decentralized ecosystem. Its Gateway protocol makes verified information accessible on-chain in a compliant and secure manner. Businesses or applications can use the protocol to meet their identity requirements (such as KYC and AML) without developing their own identity verification system or data storage.

Additionally, Cryptid provides web3 users with a wallet that links an off-chain identity to their on-chain identity. With Cryptid, assets are owned and transactions are signed by a Cryptid account instead of a single private key. will use the grant to bring its entire identity ecosystem to BNB Chain, including its Identity Gateway Protocol and Cryptid, and will be expanding the utilization of Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) on BNB Chain. CEO, Phillip Shoemaker, expressed excitement for the partnership with BNB Chain. " is thrilled to participate in the ecosystem of BNB Chain, the world's largest smart-contract blockchain. We are eager to bring our decentralized identity technology to the chain, enabling developers to offer private, secure and convenient identity verification services to their users."

April Applications Open Soon

But wait, there's more! The BNB Chain Builder Grant Program is currently accepting applications for the month of April. If you have an innovative project that could use a little help to reach the next level, fill out the simple and easy application form today. Applications not chosen are also eligible for reconsideration, so don't hesitate to apply.

The BNB Chain community is committed to supporting developers  making Web3 mass adoption a reality.

So, make your mark on Web3 now with a little help from your friends at BNB Chain.

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