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BNB Chain Hackathon Challenge Tracks (Q2)

2024.4.11  •  9 min read
Blog post image.

Welcome to the BNB Chain Q2 2024 Hackathon: "One BNB – Coding the Future."

Innovate, craft, and shape the future of blockchain technology. Join us!

In this event, we're challenging developers to address crucial challenges in blockchain and Dapps across various domains, including AI, infrastructure, gaming, physical infrastructure networks, and decentralized socials.

AI Track

Challenge 1: BNB Chain AI generated content platform

Main Objectives/Goals:

  1. AI generated content tokenization
  2. Improve AI generated content ecosystem through on-chain governance

Challenge Description:

We are looking for proposals for on-chain AI generated content platforms for BNB Chain. The service should allow users to create, share and monetize various types of content, such as text, images, audio and video, using advanced AI models that run on the blockchain. 

The service should also provide incentives for content creators, consumers and validators, as well as mechanisms for governance, quality control and dispute resolution. It should leverage the features and benefits of BNB Chain, such as high performance, low fees, cross-chain compatibility and rich ecosystem. 

Lastly, the service should aim to become a leading platform for AI generated content in the blockchain space, attracting users from different domains and backgrounds.

DePin Track

Challenge 2:Blockchain of Things (BoT) on BNB Greenfield

Main Objectives/Goals

  1. Seamless data collection and storage 
  2. Enhanced security and reliability of IoT data

Challenge Description

The objective of this proposal is to design and implement a Blockchain of Things (BoT) system that can enable seamless data collection and storage from IoT devices on the BNB Greenfield decentralized storage network. The proposed system will leverage the advantages of blockchain technology, such as immutability, transparency, and distributed consensus, to enhance the security and reliability of IoT data. 

The proposed system will provide several benefits for IoT data collection and storage, such as:

  • Reduced cost and complexity of data management by eliminating the need for centralized servers or intermediaries.
  • Increased security and privacy of data by using encryption, hashing, and digital signatures.
  • Improved scalability and performance of data transfer and storage by using a distributed network of peers.
  • Enhanced trust and transparency of data by using blockchain technology to ensure data integrity and provenance.

Gaming Track

Challenge 3:opBNB on-chain game

Main Objectives/Goals:

  • Utilize the low-cost and high-performance transactions for on-chain games
  • Increase Web3 game’s playability and attractiveness for gamers

Challenge Description:

opBNB is a high-performance and low-cost blockchain platform that supports various decentralized applications, including games. opBNB is looking for game developers who can build the next-generation on-chain games that can offer abundant playable and valuable in-game assets, user-friendly experience, and good on-chain metrics.

Challenge 4:Middleware service for dynamic NFT image content updates

Main Objectives/Goals:

Develop a middleware service that efficiently manages and updates the visual representation of NFTs stored on BNB Greenfield. This service will bridge the gap between on-chain NFT data and dynamic off-chain image resources.

Challenge Description:

In blockchain games, enhancing player engagement often hinges on visually representing in-game progression. This challenge focuses on creating a middleware solution to seamlessly update NFT image content as characters or assets evolve, such as a hero leveling up.

Key Requirements

  1. Store and organize image assets associated with different levels or states of in-game NFTs.
  2. Provide an interface for authorized admins to trigger image updates, ensuring control and oversight of the process.
  3. Integrate with game logic to detect changes in NFT attributes (e.g., level-ups) and automatically initiate image updates through the middleware.
  4. Offer a developer-friendly SDK for easy integration of the middleware with BNB Greenfield’s storage solution.

DeFi Track

Challenge 5:Real world asset tokenization on BNB Chain

Main Objectives/Goals:

  1. Accelerate real world asset (RWA) tokenization.
  2. Decentralized finance (DeFi) lego based on RWA with improved liquidity.

Challenge Description:

We are looking for proposals of innovative and scalable solutions that can bring real world assets (RWA) to the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) ecosystem. RWA are assets that exist outside the blockchain, such as real estate, art, commodities, etc. By tokenizing RWA and bridging them to BSC, we can unlock new possibilities for DeFi and create more value for the BSC community.

We are interested in protocols that can:

  • Provide a secure and reliable way to verify, mint, and transfer RWA tokens on BNB Chain.
  • Enable 24/7 transactions of RWA tokens with low fees and high speed.
  • Integrate with existing DeFi protocols on BNB Chain and offer new use cases such as lending, borrowing, staking, etc.
  • Increase the liquidity and diversity of RWA tokens on BNB Chain.
  • Comply with the relevant legal and regulatory frameworks for RWA.

Challenge 6: Points trading system on BNB Chain

Main Objectives/Goals

Diverse Learning Mechanisms: Design a points system where users can earn through various actions – trading activity, referrals, content creation, community participation, etc and trade points.

Challenge Description

We seek a comprehensive points trading market that seamlessly integrates with a broader platform within the BNB Chain ecosystem. Key considerations include:

Intriguing Exchange: Design an intuitive marketplace where users can trade their earned points.Transparency and Fairness: Ensure clear communication around how points are earned, their value proposition, and any limitations on their use.

Challenge 7:The next generation of yield aggregation of BNB Chain

Main Objectives

Cross-Chain Yield Exploration: Design strategies for seamlessly locating and utilizing the most attractive yield opportunities across multiple blockchains (BSC and Layer 2s) within the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Challenge Description

We are seeking innovative proposals for yield aggregation platforms that tackle the evolving challenges within DeFi. The ideal platform will:

  • Optimize Across Ecosystems: Efficiently tap into promising yield sources, regardless of the blockchain they reside on, while managing cross-chain communication and bridging complexities.
  • Proactive Risk Management: Implement measures to reduce the impact of impermanent loss or introduce hedging mechanisms to protect user funds.
  • Future-Proof Strategies: Employ adaptable approaches to yield farming. This might include AI-powered predictions, composability with new protocols, or unique yield-generating mechanisms.
  • User Accessibility: Maintain a user-friendly experience even as strategies become more complex and cross-chain operations are introduced.

Challenge 8:Innovative social trading for modern traders

Main Objectives/Goals

  1. Seamless Telegram Integration: Design a bot that operates natively within Telegram, providing trading tools, commands, and market updates directly within the messaging interface.
  2. Customization and Adaptability: Empower users to personalize their trading experience. This includes setting alerts, defining signal parameters, and potentially creating custom strategies.

Challenge Description:

We are seeking proposals for a Telegram-centric trading bot aiming to revolutionize the way traders interact with the cryptocurrency market. The ideal bot should excel in the following areas:

User Experience: Prioritize intuitive commands, clear explanations, and streamlined bot interactions.Market Data Integration: Provide real-time price data, charts, technical indicators, and news feeds from reliable sources.Advanced Features: Explore the potential for AI-powered features like sentiment analysis, pattern recognition, or predictive modeling.Security and Reliability: Implement robust security measures to protect user data, API keys, and assets. Ensure the bot functions reliably under diverse market conditions.Community-Driven: Consider incorporating community voting or feedback mechanisms to guide the bot's evolution and features.

DeSoc Track

Challenge 9:Decentralized social network (DeSoc)

Main Objectives/Goals:

  1. Innovate on the social network with blockchain technology
  2. Protect and tokenize user data and contents
  3. Censorship resistance

Challenge Description:

We are looking for a team of developers who can create a decentralized social network for the BNB Chain ecosystem. The network should be a crypto native platform that supports various social features such as messaging, live streaming, and content sharing. The network should also leverage the power of smart contracts, social assets, and product functions on BNB Chain to enable new ways of monetization for content creators and users. The network should store its social data on Greenfield, a decentralized storage solution that ensures data sovereignty and privacy. The network should aim to eliminate the need for intermediaries and provide a better value proposition for its participants. 

Challenge 10:Building social graph middlewares for DeSoc apps

Main Objectives/Goals

The main objective of this challenge focuses on building a groundbreaking social graph solution for SocialFi applications. 

Transparency and Interoperability: Design protocols and tools that ensure transparency and interoperability between SocialFi applications, enabling seamless transfer of social connections and data across different platforms.

Challenge Description

As the Web3 revolution continues to reshape the digital landscape, the emergence of SocialFi represents a pivotal moment where social media and decentralized financial systems intersect.A social graph maps the relationships and interactions among users on a platform. It represents how individuals are connected through friendships, follows, likes, shares, or comments and can be used to analyze social dynamics, tailor user experiences, or target advertisements.Participants will leverage decentralized technologies and principles to design solutions that prioritize transparency, interoperability, and user autonomy. These solutions will enable seamless transfer of social connections and data across different SocialFi applications, reducing reliance on centralized platforms and enhancing user privacy and security.

Challenge 11:Building video streaming middleware for DeSoc apps

Main Objectives/Goals

To construct a decentralized data broadcasting network on the BNB Chain that focuses on scaling video data transfer through a peer-to-peer (P2P) network,Decentralized Video Data Distribution: Create a robust system that allows for efficient, decentralized distribution of video content, minimizing reliance on centralized servers and reducing single points of failure.Scalability: Ensure the network can handle significant loads, supporting the transfer of high-quality video content without degradation in performance as the number of users grows.Efficiency and Speed: Optimize data transfer protocols to ensure high-speed video streaming and downloading, comparable to or better than current centralized systems.Security and Privacy: Implement robust security measures to protect the network and its users from malicious attacks and unauthorized access,User Incentivization: Develop a tokenomics or incentivization model that rewards users for contributing resources (such as bandwidth and storage) to the network, encouraging participation and growth.Interoperability: Design the system to be compatible with existing blockchain ecosystems and standards, facilitating easy integration with other applications and services on the BNB Chain.

Challenge Description

Create a decentralized data broadcasting network for video content on the BNB Chain. It addresses critical goals and challenges for platform success and adoption.Network Latency and Bandwidth Optimization: Achieving low-latency, high-bandwidth video streaming over a decentralized network is challenging, especially under varying network conditions and with nodes having different bandwidth capacities.Data Integrity and Availability: Ensuring that video data remains incorrupt and available at all times, even as it is stored, replicated, and transferred across numerous nodes in the network. All data will be persisted in Greenfield eventually.Resource Management: Efficiently managing the resources of participating nodes (storage, bandwidth) to optimize network performance without overburdening individual participants.Economic Model Development: Creating a sustainable economic model that incentivizes participation while ensuring the network remains cost-effective for users and competitive with traditional centralized services.

Infrastructure Track

Challenge 12:Creating a streamlined Dapp development SDK on BNB Chain

Main Objectives/Goals:

  1. Target web3 newcomers through an intuitive development framework that streamlines the Dapp creation process.
  2. Establish clear guidelines and promote industry-standard approaches to web3 development within the BNB Chain environment.
  3. Seamlessly incorporates a leading AA wallet SDK, increasing accessibility and promoting wider adoption.
  4. Eliminate an early cost barrier by providing developers with free access to RPC services.

Challenge Description:

Decentralized application (Dapp) development can be complex, often presenting challenges for new web3 developers. This initiative seeks to revolutionize the process using the BNB Chain ecosystem, with a prioritization of the opBNB Layer 2 solution.This SDK offers an opinionated structure to simplify initial development choices, helping developers focus on building core functionality by providing basic Dapp templates and common use-case examples to accelerate the development process.

Challenge 13:Comprehensive L2 Monitoring and Insights on BNB Chain

Main Objectives/Goals

  1. L2 Ecosystem Overview: Provide a high-level dashboard showcasing aggregated data and key metrics across various L2 solutions integrated with BNB Chain.
  2. Chain-Specific Deep Dives: Offer drill-down capabilities into individual L2s, focusing on metrics such as total value locked (TVL), transaction volume, unique active addresses, and popular Dapps.
  3. Comparative Analytics: Facilitate comparisons between different L2 solutions in terms of performance, fees, scalability, and security features.

Challenge Description

The exponential growth of Layer 2 (L2) solutions on the BNB Chain creates a need for a comprehensive dashboard that offers a lucid and informative view of this expanding landscape. The ideal L2 dashboard will cater to various types of users:

Developers: Provide data to aid in selecting the optimal L2 solution for new Dapps based on use cases and target audience.Investors: Offer insights into L2 adoption, TVL trends, and emerging L2 projects, helping guide investment decisions.BNB Chain Enthusiasts: Serve as a hub for monitoring the overall health and growth of BNB Chain's L2 ecosystem.

Key Considerations

Data Sources: Integrate reliable data feeds from L2 explorers, blockchains, and reputable analytics platforms.Usability: Design a visually appealing and intuitive interface, catering to both technical and less technical audiences.Real-time Updates: Provide near real-time updates on key metrics to reflect the rapidly changing L2 landscape.Educational Component: Include resources and explanations to promote understanding of various L2 technologies and their implications.

Challenge 14:Shedding Light on BNB Chain’s MEV Activity

Main Objectives/Goals:

  1. Quantifying MEV: Estimate the real-time and historical volume of Maximal Extractable Value (MEV) occurring on the BNB Chain.
  2. MEV Source Identification: Categorize MEV activity by common strategies such as arbitrage, liquidations, sandwich attacks, etc.
  3. Searcher and Validator Insights: Track MEV extraction by specific searchers or validators. Provide insights on their success rates and preferred strategies.
  4. Network Impact Assessment: Analyze how MEV activity potentially influences metrics like transaction fees, gas prices, and network congestion.

Challenge Description:

We seek a comprehensive MEV dashboard that helps bring transparency to the BNB Chain's MEV landscape. The ideal dashboard will:

  • Inform BNB Chain Users: Help traders and Dapp users understand how their transactions might be influenced by MEV extraction.
  • Empower Researchers: Provide data for analyzing MEV trends, strategies, and their evolution on the BNB Chain.
  • Promote Accountability: Monitor potential MEV abuse scenarios, such as validators prioritizing their own MEV transactions.
  • Facilitate MEV Mitigation: Contribute to the development of solutions or strategies to reduce the negative impact of MEV on regular users.

Key Considerations

  • Data Accuracy: Develop robust methodologies to accurately track and categorize MEV activity in conjunction with on-chain data analysis.
  • Visualization: Present complex MEV data in digestible formats, potentially with charts and graphs. 
  • Accessibility: Design the dashboard to be usable by both technical and general members of the BNB Chain community.

Education: Incorporate explanations of different MEV types and their potential consequences for users.

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