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BNB Chain Hackathon Sponsor Tracks

2024.4.11  •  8 min read
Blog post image.

Project Name: Dora Factory

Challenge: Build an on-chain data intelligence tool for BNB Chain, Dora Vota and other appchains. 

Prize: $5,000

The bounty prize varies from $1,000 to $5,000, depending on the creativity, implementation and UI/UX design.

Describe: Create a data intelligence tool to analyze on-chain addresses and provide an insightful analysis of any address. The tool shall be useful in sybil detection, on-chain reputation, and other purposes. The tool shall be able to be deployed on BNB, Dora Vota, and other app chains.

Project Name: TUSD

Challenge: How can TUSD be better applied in hot areas like Gamefi, Socialfi, Depin, and AI?

Prize: $10,000 total in TUSD

Reward Settings: The most innovative and impactful Proposal will be rewarded, including potential collaboration with TUSD

Main Goal:

  • To explain how your protocol can better work with TUSD in the above areas and elaborate on the partnership options
  • To give suggestions on how stablecoins like TUSD can work with these areas, as well as recommendations for good quality project partners.


Today, TUSD can play a crucial role in DeFi protocols. It can serve as a stablecoin for lending, borrowing, staking, and yield farming. Users can access financial services without relying on traditional institutions, ensuring trust and security through transparent and verifiable code.

In other cases, how can TUSD be better applied in hot areas like Gamefi, Socialfi, Depin, and AI?

For example, in the Gamefi world, TUSD can be used as a stablecoin for in-game transactions, NFT purchases, and virtual asset trading. It provides transparency and security, allowing players to participate in the metaverse gaming ecosystem. In the Gamefi world, TUSD can facilitate micropayments, tipping, and content monetization on social platforms. It ensures seamless cross-border transactions and empowers creators and influencers. In the AI and Depin space, TUSD can be used to pay for AI-generated services or DePin services.

Therefore, this challenge aims to show us a proposal to explore any project that falls into these areas, please explain how you can better work with TUSD and elaborate on the partnership options, or alternatively, give suggestions on how stablecoins can work with these areas, as well as recommendations for good quality project partners.

Project Name: Baby Doge

Challenge: Boosting Utility and Engagement for Baby Doge.

Welcome to a special challenge in the BNB Chain Hackathon 2024! This thread is dedicated to enhancing the utility of Baby Doge Coin and increasing daily active wallets, traffic, and on-chain interactions within the Baby Doge community.

Reward Structure:

  • 1st place $7,000
  • 2nd place $2,000
  • 3rd place $1,000

Main Objectives:

  • Develop innovative solutions that increase the utility of Baby Doge, making it more integral to users' daily activities.
  • Boost the number of daily active wallets by creating engaging experiences that encourage regular interaction with Baby Doge.
  • Enhance traffic and on-chain interactions within the Baby Doge platform, strengthening its presence on the BNB Chain.

Challenge Description:

We're looking for creative and impactful ways to elevate the role of Baby Doge in the blockchain space. Whether it's through new applications, platforms, or features, your project should aim to make Baby Doge more indispensable and attractive to users.

Submission Criteria:

A detailed proposal outlining your solution to increase the utility of Baby Doge and its impact on daily active wallets, traffic, and on-chain interactions.

A prototype or demo demonstrating the functionality and potential of your solution.

An implementation plan showing how your project can be integrated into the Baby Doge community and its expected outcomes.

Judging Criteria:

Innovation and originality in enhancing the utility of Baby Doge.

Effectiveness in increasing daily active wallets and on-chain interactions.

Potential for driving traffic and engagement within the Baby Doge community.

Feasibility and scalability of the proposed solution.

Project Name: Sonorus

Challenge Name: Disrupting Hollywood in the Age of AI

Challenge Description:

With the rapid development of generative AI technology, creating high quality content is becoming increasingly easy and accessible. As more and more people are able to express their creativity using AI tools, content production and monetization is no longer the previlge of the established music labels, movie production companies and social media professionals.

This challenge invites innovators to submit product proposals and/or business plans to create a new kind of "organizations" in the age of AI using blockchain technology. Such organizations should aim to inspire creativity of ordinary content creators, protect intellectual properties, and encourage collaborations. All forms of content are encouraged, including but not limited to music, photos, movies, novels, long videos(Youtube), and short videos(TikTok).


  • First Prize: $5,000 in $SNS tokens. Awarded to the entry that best meets the challenge criteria, showcasing exceptional innovation, feasibility, and potential for user engagement.
  • Second Prize: $3,000 in $SNS tokens. Given to the runner-up entry that demonstrates significant innovation and alignment with the challenge goals but falls just short of the top spot.

Main Objectives/Goals:

  1. Inspire Content Creativity: Unlocking creativity in the age of AI is the ultimate goal of this challenge.
  2. Ownership and Control: Empower users with real ownership and autonomy over their digital content and social interactions.
  3. Effective Collaborations: Whether it's among humans or between humans and AI, effective collaboration is the key to harvesting the power of AI and building things that's beyond our imagination.

Judging Criteria:

  • Innovation and originality of the proposed solution.
  • Practicality and feasibility of implementation.
  • Potential business value or social impact.

Project Name: Polyhedra

Challenge : Bitcoin Messaging Protocol for BNB Chain and Bitcoin

Reward: $5,000, 1st place winner: $3,000, 2nd place winner: $1,500, 3rd place winner: $500Introduction:Polyhedra Network has introduced a Bitcoin Oracle leveraging zkBridge technology to enhance Bitcoin's interoperability with other blockchain networks. This protocol will deliver Bitcoin’s block header to the BNB chain and developers can use the block header to extract any current and historical Bitcoin data from the block header.

 Main Goal: 

  • Understand how to use the block header to extract useful data by reading our documentation and Bitcoin Wiki, documentation is attached in the Documentation section.
  • Develop novel Bitcoin <> BNB Chain applications including but not limited to DeFi, messaging, staking, etc.


Block Chain — Bitcoin

Bitcoin Wiki

Bitcoin Oracle Contract

Expected submission:

  • A smart contract that utilize the Bitcoin Oracle
  • A documentation that describes the application and how it interacts with the Bitcoin Oracle
  • A Demo and a presentation of the application

Project Name: Thena

Challenge: Building a Comprehensive Points System for THENA ARENA

Challenge Description:

The challenge for participants is to conceptualize and build a prototype for a points system integrated with THENA ARENA. This system aims to incentivize and reward users for their contributions to the platform's success. Key activities include active trading (generating fees), liquidity provision, and engagement in platform activities, along with participation in off-platform campaigns like THENA's Zealy initiative.


  • Incentivize Participation: Encourage users to engage actively with the platform through trading, liquidity provision, and other value-adding activities.
  • Reward Comprehensive Engagement: Develop a system that not only rewards on-platform activities but also recognizes and rewards contributions made through off-platform engagements.
  • Promote Community Growth: Foster a sense of community and belonging by rewarding contributions that support the platform's growth and success.
  • Enhance the network effect of ARENA notably to onboard and retain non-BNB chain communities on the platform
  • Requirements:
    • Innovative Point Allocation: Propose a unique and fair method for allocating points based on user activities, ensuring that the system rewards both the quantity and quality of engagement.
    • Integration with Off-Platform Activities: Include a mechanism to incorporate and reward participation in THENA's off-platform campaigns, such as the Zealy campaign, into the points system.
    • Scalability and Security: Ensure that the proposed system is scalable and secure, capable of supporting a growing user base and protecting against potential abuses.
    • Prototype: Develop a working prototype that demonstrates the functionality of the proposed points system, including any interfaces or algorithms necessary for implementation.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • Innovation and Creativity: Originality of the approach in incentivizing and rewarding platform engagement.
  • Effectiveness: Ability of the points system to motivate desired user behaviors and support platform growth.
  • Feasibility: Practicality of implementing the proposed system within the ARENA ecosystem.
  • User Experience: Clarity and intuitiveness of the user interface, if applicable, and the overall user experience.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Detailed proposal outlining the proposed points system, including technical specifications and a clear explanation of how it incentivizes and rewards user activities.
  • Prototype demonstrating the core functionalities of the points system.
  • Presentation or video walkthrough explaining the proposal and prototype.


$15,000 worth of token

  • 8,000$ of THE + 7,000$ of USDT

Contact Information:

For any queries or further information, please contact

Project Name: Dego

Challenge: Integrating AI with the BNB Chain and other protocols to attract a new generation of unique users.

Reward: Dego.Finance will grant a $1,000 token bounty for deploying applications onto Testnet, and the top three solutions will receive a $3,000 token bounty for their exceptional features. Applications that continue development and launch frontends and commit to mainnet deployment will be considered for a $5,000 token grant. Teams interested in participating are encouraged to contact to discuss more tailored grants, feedback, and support.


As AI applications become increasingly prevalent, Blockchain technology is intricately intertwined with AI in myriad ways. DEGO Finance has introduced as a pioneering platform at the intersection of AI and NFTs. It offers features like Text to Image and Image to Video functionalities. The average time for generating an image from text using this AI tool is just 20 seconds. Furthermore, upcoming features such as Model Training, Image Variation, and Text to Video capabilities are on the horizon. encourages users to unlock their creative potential and create unique NFTs, transforming their visions into tangible digital assets.

Main Goal:

To discover the optimal solution for integrating AI with the BNB Chain and attracting a new generation of unique users to the BNB Chain and other protocols.

Expected submission:

GitHub link (including documentation, code, deployment status, and product URL)

Project Name: Holoworld AI

Challenge Name: Create the Next AI Star on Holoworld!

Awards: $5,000 in total $200 per winner (25 people)

Challenge Description:

Holoworld AI is an open economy for personalized intelligence. From individuals to companies, brands/IPs to games, anyone can create an intelligent AI with a few clicks. Simply connect twitter or answer a few questions, pick your favorite avatars & outfits, and you have an intelligent AI agent with memory, personality, intelligence, voice, and movements. You can chat with your AI to deepen your mutual relationship, have your AI tell others about your favorite projects on Discord or Telegram, livestream 24/7 with your AI, and much more.

This challenge invites you to create your favorite AI characters. Whether it’s AI clones of your favorite web3 personalities or projects, characters from famous anime / movie / game IPs, or new characters from your imagination, we welcome you to unleash your creativity on Holoworld AI!

Keep in mind, the AIs you create might become viral: each AI can live on platforms beyond Holoworld, such as Telegram, Discord, Youtube, Twitch, etc. Will your AI become the next web3 sensation?

Submission Criteria

All forms of creations will be encouraged. We will judge the AI creations based on effort, creativity, originality, detail of thought, usefulness, and virality, in no particular order.

Submission requirements

  • Create character on Holoworld AI platform
  • Submit link to the AI character

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