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BNB Chain Launches University Initiative to Empower Student Developers

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Blockchain is redefining what's possible on the internet. Web3 developers have the power to shape this revolution! BNB Chain invites student hackers, builders, professors and blockchain enthusiasts to join our pioneering University Initiative - an opportunity to learn, create, and own the future of the web.

Kick off University Roadshow

A key component of the Initiative is the University Roadshow, through which BNB Chain ecosystem engineers will visit local universities to host lectures and workshops. We'll deliver technical talks tailored to the needs of student developer communities. The Roadshow aims to introduce students to the BNB Chain ecosystem, train aspiring Student Ambassadors to advocate for blockchain education, and foster long-term partnerships between BNB Chain and academia.

Keep an eye out for the university show schedule and event registration will soon be available on the BNB Chain Luma page. If you are leading a school blockchain club, teaching blockchain-related courses as a faculty member, or interested in becoming our student ambassador, don't hesitate to reach out to us.

Become BNB Chain Student Ambassador Today!

We're looking for student ambassadors from universities around the world. If you meet the following criteria, you can try your hand at being a student ambassador for BNB Chain and start your journey in Web3. We're seeking the following individuals:

  • Highly self-motivated
  • Have a good understanding of blockchain on both blockchain and protocol level with well-connected local web3 resources
  • Superb in communication skills in both English and your native language
  • Outstanding organizational skills, blockchain event related preferred
  • Students who major in Blockchain/ECon/Business/CS/Engineering/FinTech will be prioritized

As BNB Chain student ambassador, you will be able to assist BNB Chain regional teams with our University Roadshow, help host workshops and presentations, build contacts with local Web3 resources, receive tech training and have fun!

Please note that Student Ambassador Program falls under BNB Chain Martian Program, which consists of three chapters: Community Specialists Chapter, Tech Martian Chapter and Student Ambassador Chapter. Based on your answers you will be directed to the session of Student Ambassador application.

Apply to become BNB Chain Student Ambassador today by clicking here.

Join BNB Chain Student Blockchain Club Family

The BNB Chain University Initiative represents a pioneering effort to support growth and innovation in blockchain technology among young people. By working with university faculty, engaging elite student hacker communities, and providing dedicated resources for university blockchain organizations, the initiative will help build the future by empowering students with the technical skills to create a more open web.

What BNB Chain Can Offer to Student Blockchain Clubs:

  • Funding and Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Educational Resource
  • Data Insights & Other Research Findings
  • Technical Support
  • Marketing Support

What We're Hoping to Get in Return:

  • Cobranding the Blockchain Club or Co-Marketing
  • Co-host Regular BNB Chain Workshops or Events on Campus
  • Co-Develop Education Curriculum
  • Co-host Incubator/Accelerator Program
  • Have Blockchain Club Projects Build on BNB Chain

BNB Chain Research Program

We also want to connect with professors from universities and blockchain researchers. We will provide a platform for universities to showcase their blockchain research, share our blockchain training courses for free, and provide other support. This will only be the start of your journey with BNB Chain as we’re hoping to involve dedicated researchers on a deeper level of collaboration with us.

School Level Collaboration

Our goal is to partner with universities to make the BNB Chain Course your default blockchain course. With a six-month tenure, we'll provide teaching resources and support to faculty members for pre-semester education, detailed course content, and ongoing guidance. Faculty members will teach blockchain development on the BNB Chain during the semester, and we'll collect feedback to enhance course content. This partnership will help prepare the next generation of blockchain developers and foster innovation in the industry.

To student hackers and blockchain enthusiasts eager to sculpt the digital frontier: the future is yours to code. Join us in empowering the next generation of innovators. Whether you are prototyping the future of finance, architecting digital collectibles, or coding solutions to problems that inspire you, BNB Chain offers the support and tools to bring your vision to life.

Let's build the future together.

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