BNB Chain Martians Program: Community Organizers and Champions

2022.11.22  •  2 min read
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BNB Chain is one of the most uniquely configured and utilized Layer1 blockchains in the world, offering both developers and users tremendous flexibility and opportunity to build and engage with a robust offering of dApps across GameFi, SocialFi, DeFi and more. To date, BNB Chain currently has more than a thousand dApps with 215M in unique wallet addresses, 1.2M daily active users and 5.8B total locked value.

While the decentralized ecosystem of BNB Chain is driven by a strong community of projects and users, it is also championed by enthusiasts from all over the world. These passionate participants – known as Martians – are a key driving force in the growth, development and adoption of BNB Chain technology and dApps. The Martian Program is an initiative towards developing the BNB Chain ecosystem by presenting engaging opportunities for its members to help the core vision of the chain.

Who Are the BNB Chain Martians?

Martians are people who are genuinely interested in the crypto space and would love to become a part of the growing BNB Chain ecosystem. They are recent graduates, community managers from other industries, techies, marketers, and anyone with a passion for blockchain.

What Do BNB Chain Martians Do?

Martians are community-oriented individuals committed to supporting the growth of BNB in ​​their local regions by providing all manner of public-good services. Martians help industry-leading DeFi projects in the BNB Chain ecosystem build and scale for mainstream adoption. They build relationships with project founders; help run local hackathons, meetups and other events; translate content into their local languages; collect feedback from the local developer community; and give open-access educational talks on blockchain technology and BNB Chain-specific topics.

What Are the Benefits of Joining the BNB Chain Martian Program?

Martians enjoy the privilege of direct access to BNB Chain personnel and events, have opportunities to grow personally and professionally, and are eligible to receive limited-edition gifts and performance-based rewards for their contributions.

How Do You Become a BNB Chain Martian?

Applications to the BNB Chain Martian program are now open. All that is required is genuine passion for blockchain technology and Web3, as well as enthusiasm and support of BNB Chain. We encourage all those that are interested to apply now!

Join us in helping to build the future of DeFi, SocialFi, GameFi and more on BNB Chain.

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