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BNB Chain News (April 7th-13th)

2023.4.14  •  3 min read
Blog post image.

Welcome back to BNB Chain News, your one-stop destination for all the exciting updates from our thriving Web3 ecosystem.

This week, our team rolled out the BNB Greenfield testnet and announced the code would be open sourced. Additionally, we announced a hard fork of BNB Chain that you can read about in greater detail below. We also released a super cool visualisation of BNB Greenfield that's worth a watch.

Below, you'll find information about Governance Updates and the latest projects to launch on BNB Chain. Plus, don't miss info about all our global events this week. Make sure to RSVP to your local Innovation Roadshow and build Web3 with us!

Having a blast at our Innovation Roadshow in Hong Kong

Tech Updates 💻

🔸 Greenfield Testnet Launches
🔸 BNB Chain Hardfork Completed
🔸 Greenfield Testnet Code Open Sourced
🔸 Fee Reduction Finalized
🔸 Beacon Chain Hardfork Date Finalized

🔸 Github Open Pull Request: A community PR to enable the EIPs of the London hard fork. (EIP-1559, EIP-3541, EIP-3529, EIP-3198)

🔸 Github BEP-216: Implement EIP 3855 PUSH0 instruction as been approved and merged.

🔸 Github BEP217: Implement EIP3860 Limit and meter initcode as been approved and merged.

BNB Chain Governance Update ⚖️

🔸 Proposal for Adopting a lower Transaction Fee Cost on BNB Smart Chain
🔸 Proposal for Integrating MEV within BNB Smart Chain
🔸 Greenfield Blockchain Validator Incentivisation Discussion
🔸 Privacy Mode Plugin for Greenfield Discussion
🔸 Fees and Payments UX Discussion

New Projects on BNB Chain 🔥

BNB Chain in the News 📰

🔸 BNB Greenfield Hits Testnet, Decentralized Storage Coming to BNB Chain
🔸 PancakeSwap V3 Launches On BNB Chain
🔸 BNB Chain Announces Hard Fork
🔸 BNB Chain Shows Impressive Growth and Adoption

Ecosystem Highlights 🌎

🔸 BNB Greenfield Video Release and Competition
🔸 TUSD Launches Natively on BNB Chain
🔸 BNB Chain Features at Multiple Web3 Events in Hong Kong
🔸 BNB Chain Launches University Initiative to Empower Student Developers

Developer Events 📅

The future of Web3 is coming to your doorstep! Click here to register for an Innovation Roadshow near you. It's the perfect opportunity to either kickstart your career in Web3 or build on your existing skills.

Here's where we're visiting next week:

🔸 Tokyo - 4/17

🔸 Berlin - 4/22

Online Campaigns 🌐

Are you a blockchain developer looking to take your career to the next level? How about a comprehensive program to learn the ins and outs of blockchain programming and entrepreneurship? We’ve got the perfect solution for you: the Zero2Hero Program from BNB Chain!

Community Events 🙌

Blockchain is redefining what's possible on the internet. Web3 developers have the power to shape this revolution! BNB Chain invites student hackers, builders, professors and blockchain enthusiasts to join our pioneering University Initiative - an opportunity to learn, create, and own the future of the web.

Apply to be a Student Ambassador here!

Follow us to stay updated on everything BNB Chain!

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