BNB Chain NFTs are set to gain a lot more visibility after esteemed analytics platform Nansen confirmed they will support the chain. With users often looking to discern the collections they believe represent true value, Nansen offers an important avenue to be able to explore this. With a varied range of dashboards at the disposal of users, plenty of which are free, it has never been easier to track the progress of your favorite collections on BNB Chain.

If you’ve ever wanted a clear overview of how the BNB Chain NFT market is fairing, Nansen’s market trends dashboard will offer exactly that. This particular dashboard will offer users a view into market performance and the relevant activity present on the chain. With BNB Chain NFTs enjoying over 1.1M BNB in trading volume in the past year across just two top marketplaces- NFTrade and Element, the demand is high. This number is significantly bigger when other influential collections are accounted for from the likes of Pancake Swap and other GameFi projects like MOBOX. Once support expands to other marketplaces this number will be reflected.

Accessing BNB Chain NFT Dashboards

You will initially be required to click on the drop-down menu on the top left of the interface after which you can scroll down and find BNB Chain- it is that easy.

You will then be able to access the array of dashboards and data on offer depending on your Nansen subscription level. The NFT Paradise dashboard contains the aforementioned ‘Market Overview’ data as well as the ‘Mint Master’ dashboard which allow you to get a comprehensive overview of NFT activity in the broader market.

The NFT God Mode and NFT Item profiler will see you be able to do in-depth research in the particular collection or item that has your interest. This will enable you to access transaction data as well as the activity of particular holders, allowing you to distinguish between unique addresses and learning which addresses hold how many of the NFTs in your chosen collection.

Say the particular collection you were interested in was Polkamon for example. You might be curious about the collection’s performance and attributes. You can simply click on the collection name, and you'll be led to the God Mode view where you can study performance metrics and time trends.

After clicking on the relevant collection you get an overview of the dashboards you are interested in.

After accessing NFT God Mode you can then begin to analyze the data in even more detail through the individual transactions.

The ‘Related Collections’ dashboard will then allow you to take a closer look at the other collections the holders of your chosen NFTs have. This may offer an important indication into broader market trends that you can then begin to understand.

The culmination of all of these newly released avenues of BNB Chain NFT research, will see users be able to make educated decisions on the particular transactions they’ve been deliberating over. With BNB Chain’s growing NFT market, Nansen’s support could not have come at a better time.