BNB Chain Spotlight: Project Galaxy

2022.6.6  •  4 min read
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Up next in the BNB Chain Project Spotlight is Project Galaxy, which is helping Web3 developers leverage digital credential data and NFTs to build better products and communities.

In our interview below with Anne Ouellet, Chief Marketing Officer at Project Galaxy, learn more about why they are widely rated as one of the best projects building on BNB Chain today.

IMPORTANT: Please note the following content does not constitute an endorsement or approval of any of the products or services of the project, organization, or individual.

1. Please describe Project Galaxy to those unfamiliar with it. What's your vision and mission?

Project Galaxy is one of the leading Web3 credential data networks. Built on open and collaborative infrastructure, Project Galaxy helps Web3 developers and projects leverage digital credential data and NFTs to build better products and communities. Project Galaxy’s infrastructure is built with the mission to inspire exploration and creation, from users to builders.

The home page of Project Galaxy: 

2. When was the idea behind Project Galaxy born, and what led to it?

At the very beginning, we wanted to empower projects to leverage NFT engagement campaigns to better manage their communities. As we saw the astonishing results from the first set of campaigns, we realized that the power of these campaigns was not only coming from NFTs, it was also coming from the credential data — your contributions, reputations, etc. Because of that, we expanded and built Project Galaxy into a more generalized protocol for everyone to leverage this open and collaborative credential data network.

Issuing NFTs based on credentials is still one of the most-used features on Project Galaxy – we now have more than 500 partners launching more than 2,000 credential-based NFT campaigns. However, issuing NFTs is not the only use-case for credential data as builders can also utilize it to do credit scoring, customized voting systems, Sybil attack preventions, etc.

3. Tell us something about your team's background.

We are a team of serial entrepreneurs. Two co-founders of Project galaxy, Harry and Charles were friends at Berkeley and previously co-founded DLive and Lino Network. Both companies were acquired in 2019. The team members are huge believers in distributed permissionless networks and are now working towards the goal of empowering builders with credential data infrastructure.

4. What are the main advantages of Project Galaxy for the user, compared to a similar project taking on the Web3 credential data  market?

One big advantage is the scale and quality of our offering. Project Galaxy supports over 7 chains and works with over 400 partners. With campaigns ranging from introduction courses to a chain, like we did with the How to Web3 with BNB, to advanced DeFi campaigns, Project Galaxy has something for everyone. The main advantage to all of this is that our NFT reward system is tied into credentials, which means that every task a user does is saved as a credential and linked to their wallet address.

5. What is the security strategy of your project?

We take security as the top priority. We did two rounds of smart contract audits by two independent auditing firms. You can check out the audit report here:

6. Let's say I want to start using Project Galaxy. Where do I start? Where can I find some how-to guides?

Visit to get started. There are two ways to search for campaigns:

• Visit the campaign tab to see what campaigns are live and ready to be done.

• Visit the space tab which allows you to search your favourite Web3 protocol / DAO / project and see what campaigns they have going on.

There’s also a great tool created by a community member called Galaxy Explorer which allows users to enter their wallet addresses and see which campaigns they are eligible for.

7. Why did you decide to build on BNB Chain?

BNB Chain has one of the largest user bases and developer bases in the Web3 landscape. Since Project Galaxy is empowering both developers and users to leverage credential data, it was an easy decision to build on BNB Chain. From a different perspective, BNB Chain has a very comprehensive set of tools and infrastructure to empower builders. This makes it very easy for us to develop and deploy on BNB Chain.

8. What do you hope to see next from the BNB Chain community?

We love what BNB Chain has done so far, what we’re now hoping to see are more Web3 developers focused on identity and the NFT space.

Project Galaxy is always looking toward the future and what’s next. See below for the protocol’s roadmap for the year to come.

Q2 2022

• Galaxy DAO Launch Governed by GAL Token Holders

• Discord Bot for Auto Discord AMA Participants Credential Creation

• Campaign Geofencing Feature

• Galaxy Website UI Upgrade

Q3 2022

• Application Modules Dashboard V2 Launch

• Credential Oracle Launch

• Credential Data Tag System Launch

Q4 2022

• Permissionless Credential and Campaign Creation

• Private Credential Data Support

• OAT Campaign Plugin

Q1 2023

• Galaxy Credential Network V2 Launch with Credential Curation System

All docs and papers can be found here:

10. Can we talk about the tokenomic model?

GAL is Project Galaxy’s native utility and governance token. It has the following use cases:

Governance: GAL token holders can vote on Project Galaxy DAO’s governance proposals.

Paying for Fees: Developers who aim to utilize Galaxy’s credential data will be charged in GAL.

Curating Credentials: Curators are incentivized to stake GAL tokens to signal a credential data set’s values. Each credential data set will include a revenue stream that will be split between credential stakeholders pro-rata.