BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report (30 Sept to 6 Oct)

2022.10.9  •  1 min read
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1) BNB Chain Key Data Highlight

2) Major Announcements

  • Official BNB Chain Response to the Exploit. Thanks to the assistance of all the security experts, projects, and validators, the vast majority of the funds remain under control. There will be on-chain governance votes to determine the following four actions for the common good of BNB.
  • BNB Chain Builder Grant Opens Door to Innovators. Beginning from October 3rd 2022, you can apply your own Builder Grant and begin building the future with BNB Chain.
  • BNB Chain Accelerator Announces 27 Web3 Startups as Winners

3) Ecosystem Highlights

4) Events

This week we had SeoulMetaWeek, HackMIT and School Tours in Yale and UPenn in person. For online Innovation talks we had Ankr, Pyth, Epic League, Monsterra Game, MarcianoTech, WorldGames, BinaryX and also a Webinar on BNB Chain ecosystem during #RoadToWebXHackathon. Our podcast series MeetWithBNBChain #3 is out. This time we discussed AvengerDAO. The text will be released next week.

For the upcoming week we will have:

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