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BNB Chain's Unforgettable Moments at Binance Blockchain Week!

2023.11.10  •  3 min read
Blog post image.

The 2023 Binance Blockchain Week in Istanbul was a whirlwind of innovation and thought-provoking discussions. For those who couldn't attend, we have a special treat. 

Join us for a sneak peek into the key highlights of BNB Chain's participation in this inspiring event. 

From alpha drops on crypto infrastructure’s security to knowledge sharing on whether CeFi and DeFi can co-exist; here are the standout moments that defined BNB Chain's presence at the conference.

November 8th: Panel Discussion - The Pillars of Crypto Infrastructure 

On the first day of Binance Blockchain Week, BNB Chain set the tone with an engaging panel discussion titled "The Pillars of Crypto Infrastructure: Security, Scalability, & Decentralization."  Joining BNB Chain's Head of Business Development, Tomasz Wojewoda, in this panel was Jiayi Li (Co-founder of Salus & Geekcarter) and others.

The panel provided valuable insights into the core components that underpin the crypto ecosystem, covering topics such as security in blockchain infrastructure, the importance of decentralization while maintaining scalability, and future trends with regards to blockchain security. 

November 8th: BNB Chain Booth

Alongside the panel, BNB Chain hosted a booth at Binance Blockchain Week which became a bustling hub of activity throughout the conference. Thank you to those who came to say Hi, and networked with the BNB Chain team. All those warm interactions and curious conversations made it extra fun for us!

November 9th: Avatar Keynote

BNB Chain's avatar presentation on November 9 was undoubtedly a highlight of the event. Taking place on the main stage, this state-of-the-art keynote using novel avatar technology showcased BNB Chain’s transformative potential in shaping the world of Web3. The aptly themed presentation "BNB Chain: Evolving the User Experience for Mass Adoption," shed light on how BNB Chain is leading the charge in the blockchain industry.

The keynote emphasized the prevailing sentiment in innovation today: "Blockchain technology will change the world." 

Drawing parallels to the internet's transformation from an information tool to changing how we consume and interact with information forever, BNB Chain stressed the vast potential of blockchain technology. It's not just about the function but the transformative power, as Binance's CZ underlines. BNB Chain invites all to envision not just technology but the future of mass adoption itself.

November 9th: Debate - Can CeFi and DeFi Coexist?

The final highlight on November 9 was the debate titled "Can CeFi and DeFi Coexist?". BNB Chain's Tomasz played a central role in facilitating this discussion with industry experts such as Andrei (Head of DeFi at LI.FI), Daria Krasnova (Managing Editor at BeInCrypto), Laura Arcade (Co-Founder, Peccala), and Vadim Krekotin, (Founding Partner at Cryptomeria Capital). 

The debate explored the sometimes uneasy relationship between CeFi and DeFi.

DeFi devotees criticize centralization creeping into the DeFi products they love, while CeFi fans often praise the ease of use more centralized offerings bring. This discussion unpacked whether there can be a space for both of these in the Web3 world. Or, will one ultimately take the lead for the majority of Web3 users?

Wrapping Up

BNB Chain's presence at the 2023 Binance Blockchain Week left an important mark on the event. The panel discussions and debates, coupled with BNB Chain's captivating avatar keynote showcased our ecosystem’s commitment to revolutionizing Web3.

With its emphasis on affordability, scalability, and reliability, BNB Chain made a strong case at BBW '23 for playing pivotal role in the future of blockchain technology.

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