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BNB Greenfield Testnet "Congo" is Live: Join the Community to Reshape Web3 Data Ownership

2023.4.11  •  5 min read
Blog post image.

BNB Greenfield Testnet "Congo" is Live! The community calls on testnet Validators, Storage providers (SPs), and dApp Builders to join the decentralized storage tech stack to shape the future of data ownership in Web3. This inaugural testnet version, v0.1.0 offers a robust foundation for developers and the community to refine and build upon in forthcoming Testnet versions. Note that testnet and mainnet (to launch in Q3) will have different participation rules.

BNB Greenfield Overview

BNB Greenfield is an innovative blockchain and storage platform that seeks to unleash the power of decentralized technology on data ownership and the data economy. It is a decentralised, open-source storage chain with BNB as its token.

With a focus on facilitating decentralized data management and access, Greenfield aims to revolutionize the data economy by easing the storing and management of data and linking data ownership with the DeFi context of BNB Smart Chain (BSC).

  1. Greenfield, a decentralized storage chain using BNB tokens is now Live, marking a significant milestone as it implements core features outlined in the whitepaper. Developers can explore various features like account creation, data storage, access control, cross-chain communication, storage provision, node validation, and staking.
  2. Greenfield aims to offer the fastest data service among decentralized storage solutions with cost-effective features, comparable to Web 2 cloud storage. This sets the stage for widespread adoption.
  3. A native relayer links BSC and Greenfield, enabling BSC Dapps to integrate with Greenfield using a simple SDK and minimal development. Upon Greenfield mainnet launch, thousands of Dapp data sets will be available, fostering rapid ecosystem growth and easing data-related innovation compared to other chains.
  4. Users will have control over their data, meaning they can decide who can access it and set the access fees. This broadens ownership from assets to data.
  5. The BNB token's use will extend to large-scale data storage and trading, which will enhance its value over time
  6. BNB Greenfield community calls for developers, validators, and SPs to join the testnet through a transparent proposal and voting process. Note that testnet and mainnet (to go live in Q3) will have different participation rules
  7. Developers can participate in the Zero2Hero Hackathon's Greenfield track and apply for grants to build on Greenfield.

What sets Greenfield apart from existing centralized and decentralized storage systems are its three key components:

  • Data Ownership: Users own the data and can grant permissions either manually or programmatically.
  • EVM Compatibility by Integration with BSC : It allows Ethereum-compatible addresses to create and manage both data.It natively links data permissions and management logic onto BSC as exchangeable assets and smart contract programs with all other assets.
  • High Performance Rich API/SDK: It provides developers with similar API primitives and performance as popular existing Web2 cloud storage. The performance is comparable to commercial cloud as well.

Exploring Resources and Guidance

Discover the full range of resources and Testnet functions here. There's plenty of resources available for anyone looking to develop on Greenfield!

Developers can test the multiple functions including account creation, data storage, access control, native cross-chain communication, storage provision, node validation and staking.

Resources defined in the Greenfield Blockchain such as Bucket, Object, and Group, can be mirrored onto BSC as NFTs using the ERC-721 and ERC-1155 standards and Greenfield offers a convenient SDK for dApps to integrate quickly. This includes several sample codes of different paradigms, such as the EbookShop contract for creating a decentralized eBook marketplace.

Delve into the wealth of resources provided by the remarkable Greenfield community, including DCellar, Block Explorers by Nodereal, Testnet Faucet, and Bridge for transferring assets between Greenfield and BSC.

Build on Testnet and Compete in Hackathon for Prizes

Take part in the Greenfield Testnet development and Zero2Hero Hackathon for a chance to win rewards. Upon completing a Testnet project, you'll receive a Soulbound Token (SBT) of your achievement. Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your skills and contribute to the Greenfield ecosystem!

Grants are Open for Innovative Solutions on Greenfield

Grants will soon be open for innovative solutions on Greenfield. Turn your ideas into reality and apply for Greenfield specific grants here.

Try the Testnet and Give Feedback

There are multiple forums to submit your feedback once you have tried the Testnet:



BNB Forum

BNB Chain Developer Portal

Join as a Testnet Validator

In addition to participating in the Testnet development and Hackathon, you can join BNB Greenfield as testnet validators.

The validators of the Greenfield Blockchain are integral to the network's security and reliability. However, their responsibilities extend well beyond that:

  1. Validators are tasked with achieving consensus on cross-chain events and relaying cross-chain packets to both Greenfield and BNB Smart Chain. This ensures that cross-chain transactions are executed quickly, securely, and with minimal cost.
  2. Validators play a key role in ensuring the integrity and availability of data provided by Storage providers (SPs). By challenging the data availability of SPs in a specific or random manner, validators can weed out malicious actors and those who provide subpar services. Punishing such actors through appropriate measures - such as slashing their stake, for example - helps to ensure the quality and reliability of services in the Greenfield ecosystem.
  3. Validators also have a say in the governance of the network. They vote on issues related to the future development of Greenfield's ecosystem and adjust various network parameters as necessary. This ensures that the network remains healthy and sustainable over time, while accommodating the changing needs and demands of its users.

How to become a Testnet Validator?

To learn how to be part of the Testnet as a validator, check out the guidelines here. As well as the on-chain proposal submission, validators should also post their proposal on the BNB Chain Open Forum and the community will review.

The test validators will then be selected by BNB Chain based on their application qualifications, but the mainnet validator selection will be from the BNB Chain community. Contribute to play a critical role in maintaining the security and reliability of the Greenfield network!

Contribute to the BNB Greenfield Network as a Testnet Storage Provider

SPs are storage service infrastructure providers and together with Greenfield validators, they form a synergy to provide the whole storage service. Validators store the metadata and financial ledger with consensus, while SPs store the objects' real data, i.e. the payload data, and use the Greenfield chain as the ledger and the single source of truth. SPs provide plenty of convenient services for users and dApps to operate data on Greenfield.

How to become a Testnet Storage Provider?

Submit your proposal both on-chain and on the Open Forum where Testnet validators will then vote to determine the Testnet SPs. Learn about more details on how to create a Storage Provider to get started here.

Whether you are a validator, a storage provider, or a dApp builder, the community invites everyone to join and make their mark on the future of decentralized data storage!

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