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BNB Smart Chain Testnet Hard Fork Update!

2023.6.23  •  1 min read
Blog post image.

BNB Smart Chain testnet is scheduled for an upgrade involving three scheduled hardforks named Hertz, London, and Berlin all at the same block height - 31,103,030. The anticipated date of this significant event is June 29, 2023.

This event marks a pivotal moment for the BSC testnet. It is crucial that validators and full node operators switch their software version to v1.2.7 before the stated date to avoid any potential disruption.

The Hertz hardfork, the central focus of this upgrade, will port several London and Berlin upgrades from Ethereum to BSC. Despite the similarities, differences between the two networks will lead to divergences in implementation, especially in EIP-1559, which relates to the fee market change for ETH 1.0 chain. The BaseFee, for example, will be zero on BSC, meaning that there will be no changes to the current BSC Gas mechanism nor the introduction of a new burn mechanism or GasTip.

The core upgrades of Hertz are built on various Berlin and London Upgrades, including BEP-225, BEP-229, BEP-230, BEP-231 for Berlin and BEP-227, BEP-226, BEP-228, BEP-212 for London. These upgrades will significantly alter gas metering mechanisms, support new transaction types, and add new EVM opcodes, among other things.

This hardfork is significant not just for the validators and node operators, but also for DApp developers and users who need to clearly understand these changes and the potential impact on their operations.

The primary focus of these changes is to enhance the compatibility and efficiency of the BSC testnet. Some of the standout features of the v1.2.7 update include block height upgrades, improved metrics, and bug fixes, all aimed at enhancing the network's stability and performance.


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