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Brave (BAT) joins the BSC ecosystem to accelerate DeFi adoption

2021.3.19  •  2 min read
Blog post image.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is exploring multiple blockchains as a part of its Themis initiative and is now also available on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) as wrapped BAT. BAT holders can use multiple bridges that connect Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain ecosystems to participate in the DeFi ecosystem on BSC.

Currently Brave’s browser wallet supports Ethereum and BSC through a configuration change in the wallet, but Brave is now planning to preconfigure support for Binance Smart Chain later this year. This will allow users to access BSC without having to download additional apps, create new wallets, and update configurations in the Brave wallet. Given the low transaction costs on BSC, Brave is also exploring the use of BSC to enable P2P tipping within the Brave browser.

BAT holders can participate in BSC-based projects such as PancakeSwap and BakerySwap for trading, Beefy Finance for yield optimization and many more, including Venus, DODO, OpenOcean, and Autofarm.

“With this strategic integration between the Brave browser and Binance Smart Chain, we will introduce seamless UX together for crypto users to access DeFi and Dapps in BSC and other blockchains, which will dramatically inspire mass adoption and inclusive finance,“ said  Xiaoguang Zhang, Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem Coordinator.

“Our hope is that BAT and Brave will take crypto mainstream and to make DeFi user-friendly for the mass market,” said Brendan Eich, CEO and co-founder of Brave. “With wrapped BAT now available on BSC, we believe this is achievable. We are especially excited by the low transaction fees and scalability of Binance Smart Chain and how that enables us to build scalable and seamless DeFi applications for Brave users,'' he added.

Brave browser is the first client and gateway to utility for the BAT token. Brave has grown to over 25M monthly active users (MAU) and over 9M daily active users (DAU). BAT with its tremendous utility has over 3.8M monthly transacting users, and over 13M Brave/BAT Rewards wallets.

About Brave and BAT

Brave Software’s fast, privacy-oriented browser, combined with its blockchain-based digital advertising platform, is reinventing the Web for users, publishers, and advertisers. Users get a private, speedier web experience with much longer battery life, publishers increase their revenue share, and advertisers achieve better conversion. Users can opt into privacy-respecting ads that reward them with BAT (Basic Attention Token), a token they can redeem or use to tip or contribute to publishers and other content creators, and that can be used in the future to get discounts and pay fees in an upcoming Brave DEX Aggregator.

The Brave solution is a win-win for everyone who has a stake in the open Web and who is weary of giving up privacy and revenue to the ad-tech intermediaries. Brave currently has over 25.4 million monthly active users and over 1 million Verified Publishers. Brave Software was co-founded by Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla (Firefox), and Brian Bondy, formerly of Khan Academy and Mozilla.

For more information, visit or engage with the community on Reddit, Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.