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BSC Project Spotlight: ZOO Crypto World

2021.9.26  •  5 min read
Blog post image.

The GameFi growth continues, and hundreds of new games are launching on all the different blockchains. And while more games mean more options for the players, more games also mean more research to find the ones for you. We want to help you out, so we sit down with (not only) GameFi projects to learn more about their project, team, features and advantages, and more.

In this interview, you'll meet ZOO Crypto World. An exciting game with DeFi functionality developed by the Singularity Studio and running on Binance Smart Chain.

Spotlight on ZOO Crypto World

IMPORTANT: Please note the following content does not constitute an endorsement or approval of any of the products or services of the project, organization, or individual.

Another Spotlight, another exciting GameFi! To start with the right foot, can you introduce us to your game?

Zoo Crypto World – a work by Singularity Studio aims to solve the main issue most GameFi games experience today, immersion. The BSC space currently contains games that either contain weak IP immersion or do not amalgamate DeFi and GameFi to a proper degree. ZOOCW has the vision of solving this issue by integrating a seamless combination of DeFi and GameFi. This allows ZOOCW to appeal to basically everybody, whether it be through staking in pools, battling bosses with your rewards, or going on PVP adventures with friends! This is the mission ZOOCW is trying to accomplish, a mission to submerge any audience into the GameFi experience, whether it be a DeFi investor, a newbie crypto investor, or a gamer, ZOOCW welcomes all to the Jungle Metaverse.

Who came with the idea to build a blockchain game? What led to it?

The CMO of ZOOCW, Loki, was once rugged by another BSC game that seemed to have potential. Loki lost thousands as this game lied to its users and virtually had no gameplay. At the time, there were no emerging games on BSC with a solid infrastructure and foundation. Loki then met Nicholas - the CEO and the Co-Founder of ZOOCW, who has been in the gaming industry for several years and recently started to explore the potential of blockchain technology with GameFi elements. With the additional help of Wilson – the CTO of ZOOCW who has worked for a Blockchain Security Company within the last three years -- the initial idea of ZOOCW sprung. We designed ZOOCW to be a secure, trusted GameFi platform that will form a fun community that can enjoy gaming and investing experiences without the fears Loki initially had to face, security.

Now that we opened the question of who's behind your game, can you tell us a bit more about what they do?

Nicholas – CEO and Co-Founder of Singularity Studio, an Ivy League graduate who worked in Blizzard Entertainment as a senior regional manager for more than ten years.

Loki – CMO and Co-Founder of Singularity Studio, graduated from The Polytechnic University of Hong Kong and has hands-on experience within the IT industry for over ten years.

Wilson – CTO and Co-Founder of Singularity Studio, a sophisticated full-stack engineer and is the president of a middle-sized E-Commerce company, works as a white-hat hacker in Slowmist for a total of 5 years.

On the frontlines of ZOO CW, Loki, Breck, and 8Bit handle the community. We are experienced in diverse matters of the crypto field, Loki being experienced in project management and marketing, Breck within finance and auditing, and 8Bit with blockchain technology and community growth. Behind the scenes, we have 22 other team members who are led by Nicholas and Wilson, our developers experienced within the gaming and crypto ecosystems with smart contract programming and some containing experience with Blizzard, Tencent, and Zen Studio.

We have also recently hired an art studio, producing aesthetics that will brighten the ZOOCW gameplay. This ensures ZOOCW grows efficiently as our team has top-notch experience in various fields which will be transferred to our gameplay.

GameFi is a booming trend across almost all major blockchains with hundreds of games. Why should I play your game?

The barrier of entry to ZOOCW is extremely low, meaning that any new users with any budget can enter. This is what ZOOCW is great at, inviting any audience type. Compared to other BSC games in the crypto space, the barrier to entry is incredibly discriminating, with prices starting in the thousands to start playing. ZOOCW changes this, offering such a low barrier that anyone can start playing. For example, players can simply use one card, which can be bought at low prices such as 5 BUSD, to get into the PVE game mode and have participation KEY rewards which can unlock NFTs from chests. For larger investors, staking in our pools will bring passive income allowing for chances to unlock NFTs which can be utilized to battle for rewards. On top of this, our IP immersion is perfect, allowing gameplay to be seamless, unlike other BSC games which are clunky with fragmented UI and game mechanics.

Security is an important part of every project. How do you protect your users and their funds or gaming assets?

Security is one of the most important factors for ZOOCW. The ZOOCW crew has already done a full security audit with Certik and the result is quite outstanding with minimal small risks and issues. Additionally, we have organized a security plan which will include audits and contracting from our partner Certik. Furthermore, we are exploring audit options with other providers such as Peckshield. The ZOOCW team will also launch a $100,000 bug bounty with ImmuneFi which will allow security analysts around the world to pentest our mechanisms to ensure all our users are safe. The safety of our users is one of our most significant focuses daily and our security strategy will ensure this will occur.

We met your team, know the advantages and features, and with security behind us comes the most important question – how do I start playing? Do you have some guides?

ZOOCW guarantees that all new players are welcomed with superior knowledge of the game ecosystem as we have formed multiple guides including our Whitepaper and User Guide. You can also check out our introduction doc Brief to ZOO Crypto World.

All ZOOCW players are welcome to join our Telegram and Discord, where they can learn more about the game, meet other players, and contact our 24/7 support. We want to make sure that new players have a seamless experience and quickly become ZOOCW warriors with our detailed guides.

And now the final question. What do you hope to see next from the BSC community, and what does the future hold for ZOO?

We hope to continue to see collaboration amongst the projects within the BSC community - this will strengthen the foundation that already exists. We believe it is what is necessary for the current dApps to continue to mature and to create a great platform for new ideas and dapps to take root.

ZOO Crypto World Roadmap