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Crypto Gaming United Secures Investment From BNB Chain's $1B Fund to Create Job Opportunities

2021.12.21  •  3 min read
Blog post image.

We're thrilled to share that Crypto Gaming United (CGU), an industry-leading NFT gaming company received an investment from the BNB Chain $1 billion Fund. CGU will allocate the investment to power the Web3 adoption through creating job opportunities in the Play to Earn metaverse economy, aligning with BNB Chain's vision of growing global blockchain adoption.

To this date, BNB Chain has supported over 300 blockchain projects via the $1B Fund, one of the largest accelerator funds. We aim to incubate and support more than 500 startups in the coming months.

Crypto Gaming United is building a global community of Play to Earn gamers around NFT-based blockchain games and GameFi. To put it simply, CGU is like a global gaming guild that gathers players with similar interests.

CGU is the largest gaming guild in Russia and the CIS region, with exceptional new growth in Latin America. While most existing gaming guilds focus almost exclusively on the SEA region, CGU provides complementary geographic coverage to grow the BNB Chain gaming community further. To this day, there are over 100,000 CGU members across 30 countries.

Being a guild member comes with benefits, and CGU offers a program where more than 5,800 members receive funded scholarships.

"The metaverse brings a multitude of opportunities in and outside of the decentralized finance space. For BNB Chain, this means investing in the economic potential of virtual worlds while empowering guild members to play the games they love while earning a living. CGU provides a platform for everyone irrespective of their location, background, and skillset to build a new virtual economy powered by sustainable income." said Alex Odagiu, Investment Manager of the BNB Chain $1B Fund.

What we've seen could be just the first early interest in a trend that might become global, like social media or live streaming. Metaverse is innovating quickly and keeps attracting more users every day. There are countless opportunities in this new virtual economy and skills like community management, content creation, virtual office skills (telecommuting 3.0), and more.

CGU will dedicate the investment to creating a new crypto-native talent pool and work economy built around the emerging Metaverse and Play to Earn platforms. Their goal is to onboard 1 million people by 2024 via their Play to Earn platform, targeting mainly the regions hardest struck by the pandemic and youth unemployment.

"We are a category creator for metaverse employment, having developed infrastructure for crypto careers workforce management via our LaborX marketplace, that forms the basis for technology that underpins CGU Play to Earn ecosystem," said Sergei Sergienko, Co-founder of CGU and CEO of

Short-term, CGU will focus on innovation and providing new utility to their members, such as new global payment offramps to connect the virtual and real-world economies, new community rewards, or accurate gauging of player activity both on-chain and off-chain for rewards and personal statistics.  

On a longer scale, CGU will launch an educational platform to onboard new members and players, further educate the existing ones, bring more decentralization with a DAO voting system, and enable new staking mechanisms.

With more than 200 million job seekers worldwide, there's a dire need for new jobs, and metaverse might be the remedy to at least some of them. CGU is currently present in regions representing 60% of all these jobseekers, where they work on building communities that improve awareness and welcome new members.

About Crypto Gaming United

Crypto Gaming United (CGU) is a Singapore and Dubai-based blockchain gaming company that brings together players from developing countries interested in building a new metaverse economy. They aim to provide sustainable income to their global community, learn digital skills, and increase global blockchain awareness. CGU can provide income, education, and valuable opportunities to thousands of skilled players in developing countries.

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