In partnership with Fandom Studio, a platform that allows creators to monetize TikTok content using NFTs, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the groundbreaking PEACEMINUSONE NFT collection Archive 2016 on Binance NFT and OpenSea.

Users will be incentivized to manipulate the entire minted collection as an online jigsaw puzzle, gamifying NFTs for the community in a unique and exciting way. Archive 2016 NFT holders that take part will be able to participate alongside G-Dragon, global style icon, leader of K-Pop boy band Bigbang and founder of the PEACEMINUSONE fashion line. Early NFT holders will also receive exclusive content and benefits by completing different missions in the game.

With a total supply of 44,800 NFTs, Archive 2016 offers collectors a diverse range of options, from the highly coveted BIRTH tier with only 2014 pieces available for sale at $88 each, to the exclusive ARCHIVE LVL1 and ARCHIVE LVL2 tiers, with prices starting at $288 and $488 respectively. The collection also includes GIFT-tier NFTs, which will be gifted to G-Dragon's friends and family.

“We are thrilled to have Fandom Studio and PEACEMINUSONE join the BNB Chain community and be a part of such an interactive approach to NFTs. The unique concept of breaking down the collection into puzzle pieces and gamifying the user experience truly sets Archive 2016 apart. We can't wait to see the community's engagement with the collection,” said Alvin Kan, BNB Chain’s Director of Growth.

Join us in this new and fun way to engage with NFTs today!

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