MVB IV: MetaFi - Smarter DeFi for the Web3 Universe

2022.1.7  •  6 min read
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Introducing our most tantalizing BNB chain developer program yet! Jam-packed with significant incentives and exciting opportunities, this next season of the Most Valuable Builder program will see a major upgrade.

2021 was filled with impressive milestones and achievements. Over the past 12 months, we have launched and completed 3 seasons of the MVB program with over 900 participating projects and dozens of MVB-related hackathons and events! In the new season of MVB, there are no underdogs, only winners. Keep reading to learn what changes and how to participate.

The MVB program exists to accelerate the top dApps and builders in the BNB chain ecosystem, and it has played a significant role in driving innovation and progress within the BNB chain ecosystem and the whole blockchain industry. Many participating projects gained immense popularity, with some MVB winners dominating the global rankings in DeFi, NFT, GameFi, and Infrastructure & Tooling.

In our continuous efforts to elevate the program to the next level, we’re super excited to announce the long-awaited fourth season, called MVB IV: MetaFi - Smarter DeFi for the Web3 Universe.

In this edition, all winning projects (both Monthly Stars and final Top Players) will receive investment offer from the BNB Chain FUND! (subject to further and confirmatory diligence)

For more information, please scroll down to the MVB Benefits section. It’s not too late to become a BNB Chain pioneer, so grab your chance today.

What is MVB IV about?

Consistent with our vision of MetaFi, in MVB IV, we are looking for advanced DeFi lego & Infrastructure projects to empower the next generation of Defi 2.0, NFT & GameFi projects, as well as protocols that redefine the concept of finance altogether.

We are also interested in projects that are exploring the layer above this, where aggregation and tooling are prerequisites to bridge Web2 and Web3. Lastly, we want to find innovative and sustainable projects that target everyday users in GameFi and NFT.

Here are some of the KEY categories that we focus on in MVB IV:

1. Web3 Infra
Solutions bridging Web2 to Web3 have amazing potential in the future. We’re particularly interested in scaling and interoperability solutions, digital ID/naming services, and Web2 API & tooling for Web3.

2. Advanced DeFi Lego
We’re looking for highly compatible DeFi legos that increase capital efficiency, provide liquidity as a service, and more.

Do apply if you’re exploring DeFi 2.0 (e.g. automaters, enhancers, extenders, derivatives), building sophisticated DeFi (e.g. lending, AMM, structured products & asset management), or developing tokenized funds & indexes.

3. Metaverse, GameFi & SocialFi
There is great potential for Metaverse, GameFi, and SocialFi, but first, we need to build appropriate infrastructure and tooling.

We are interested in reliable and ubiquitous NFT tooling (e.g NFT Indexing), innovative NFT marketplaces, advanced GameFi infrastructure (e.g. prediction markets, GameFi asset DEX), and GameFi with sustainable tokenomics.

We are also interested in innovative dApps that redefine what social media could look like in Web3.

What is the MVB IV Roadmap?

MVB IV will start on January 2022 and end in April 2022.  Like the previous season, in MVB IV, we will continue to use the MVB Monthly Star concept. We will select the best-performing projects every month (January, February, March).  At the end of MVB IV (in April), we will pick out the best of the best - MVB IV Top Players.

To be more specific, assuming an MVB IV project competes to the end, it will go through the following phases:

Phase 1:  Project Registration & Recruitment (January - April)

There are two ways to sign up for MVB IV:

  • Online Registration
  • BNB Chain X DoraHacks Events

For more information, please scroll down to the “How Can I Apply? '' section.

Phase 2:  Monthly Star Selection (January - March)

Your MVB IV journey begins the moment you complete the registration! Each month, the BNB Chain Fund team will carefully evaluate participating projects based on project design, innovation, team, security, community strength, etc.

We will select the best ones as MVB Monthly Stars and make the announcement on our blog and Twitter on a monthly basis. The selection will be completely merit-based and we will not put a cap on the number of Monthly Stars being selected.

Phase 3: Final Top Players Selection (April)

At the end of MVB IV, we will end up with the best of the best - MVB IV Top Players. Only up to 3 projects will be selected from the pool of MVB Monthly Stars.  

These finalists will be selected by the MVB Committee, where we will apply a decentralized voting mechanism to ensure maximum transparency and fairness in the selection process.

The committee consists of over 30 members from various backgrounds, including the BNB Chain Fund team, top-tier web 2 & web 3 investment institutions, previous MVB Top Players, media & influencers, and world-class universities! More Details will be announced. Stay tuned!

Below is a typical MVB IV project roadmap, from the moment you apply, to the grand finale!

What are the MVB IV Benefits?

In accordance with our previous announcement about the BNB Chain $1 Billion Growth Fund,  $300 Million is dedicated to the MVB Program, to support projects in early stage and bootstrap their growth. This time around, in MVB IV, we will offer unprecedented incentives & benefits to the best performing projects!

For Monthly Stars

  • Direct Investment Offer
  • Direct Investment offer from BNB chain Fund (subject to further and confirmatory diligence)
  • Pre-Seed & Pre-Launch: $100K
  • Seed/launched: $250K-$500K
  • MVB Incubation Program: Introduced in #MVBIII, the MVB Incubation Program has accelerated many new and emerging startups by providing them with education, support, funding, network, and more!  In MVB IV, we will continue to team up with experts in both web2 and web3 worlds, to provide you with both tangible support and strategic value-add, in the form of mentoring, masterclasses, fireside chats, and more!
  • Marketing & Community Support (Global and Regional): We will leverage our Marketing/PR expertise and our community reach to help you promote your project and gain traction by designing campaigns, events, and activities based on your needs and preferences.
  • Security support from top auditing and security institutions
  • Potential Opportunity towards  Binance Labs Incubation Program: To help projects better integrate into the Binance ecosystem, starting from MVB IV, Binance Labs will join MVB IV to seek projects with potential!

For Final Top Players (up to 3 Projects)

  • Direct Investment Offer
  • 2nd Round Investment Offer (subject to further and confirmatory diligence)
  • 1st Place Prize: $1M (valuation subject to negotiation)
  • 2nd Place Prize: $500K (valuation subject to negotiation)
  • 3rd  Place Prize: $200K (valuation subject to negotiation)
  • Gas Incentives
  • Marketing & Community Support (Global and Regional)
  • Potential Listing on
  • Systematic technical support for building innovative products

How Can I Apply?

1. Online Registration

Online registration is the go-to way to register for MVB IV. It’s simple, straightforward, and only takes a few minutes. We will review the online registrations on an ongoing basis, which means that projects can apply at any time during MVB IV.

  • Step1: (Required) Please fill out the Application Form
  • Step2: (Optional) Want to share more about your project with us? Send it to our email with the subject [MVB IV Application]. We would love to see it!

Register your contract through the BUIDL Reward Program for you to receive a monthly reward if you meet the requirements. This will also help our team to track your data performance.

2. BNB Chain X DoraHacks MVB Collaboration

In addition to the online registration, the latest series of MVB comes with a new way to add more projects to MVB. We formed an official strategic alliance with DoraHacks to actively scout promising projects and builders from various developer communities and events (e.g. hackathons) and potentially bring them to MVB IV.  For more details, please see a later announcement of DoraHacks.

If you want to learn how to apply with DoraHacks, read this guide.

Start your MVB IV journey now! We are constantly looking for the best talents, teams to jointly create the Web3 Universe!

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