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2022.7.27  •  6 min read
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Most Valuable Builder (MVB) V Accelerator Program is ready for launch with its latest iteration, MVB V: Uncharted Territory, ready to press ahead after selecting exciting new projects with a range of different innovative focuses. With over 650 applications this was the most hotly contested program to date.

The accelerator program has been specifically designed to equip builders on BNB Chain with the means to let their projects thrive. The team has come together to identify projects and developers with the ambition to embark on ‘Uncharted Territories’- where no developer or buidler has gone before.

After an arduous selection process dedicated to identifying projects with the highest potential, twenty-seven innovative projects focusing on infrastructure and tooling, decentralized finance (DeFi), SocialFi, NFTs and GameFi were selected.

Together we will venture into the unexplored; a challenging and exciting journey. Our team understands that by building together we can give rise to innovative stability and help your project reach its full potential.

Let’s take a closer look at the projects who will be participating in MVB V…

Infrastructure & Tooling

These projects have been touted for making interactions with BNB Chain seamless, quicker, and indeed more effective. This section sees the inclusion of particularly impressive APIs, tooling, wallets, and more.


A multi-chain open data analytics & service platform. Web3Go is an open platform for everyone to play with, and visualize multi-blockchain data.

Space ID

SPACE ID is building a universal name service network that seamlessly connects people, information, assets, and applications in the digital world. Its chain-agnostic, but also decentralized, censorship-resistant, and open-sourced.

Multi-chain Event Protocol (MEP)

Multi-chain event protocol (MEP) is a multi-chain communication infrastructure for users to create, find and use the right multi-chain protocols for their business needs.


Overeality is building the ultimate multi-chain interoperability infrastructure for Web3 based on latest breakthrough ZKP(zero-knowledge proof) technologies, providing high interoperability (zk-bridge) and high scalability (zk-rollup) for Web3 applications, including NFTs, DeFi and Metaverse.

Port3 Network

Port3 is the Web3 social data oracle that unlock the limitless possibilities of Web2 communities

Nakji Network

Nakji Network is a data infrastructure platform that indexes multi-chain data. Using Nakji Network, users can easily ingest real-time and historical data from multiple blockchains, including the BNB chain.


Zash is an enterprise grade, blockchain analytics and intelligence provider. It is the read-middleware for the blockchain having launched a multi-chain NFT data API converting convoluted chain data into insights.


Metasset is a scalable NFT social commerce platform designed to streamline NFT social affiliate business models by automating commission payment networks with decentralised, programmable and composable smart-contracts.

Staging Labs

Staging Labs is an infrastructure layer built to protect web3 users and businesses from mistakes, hacks, and scams.


Projects working toward constructing and innovating in the decentralized finance (DeFi) sphere:

InsurAce Protocol

InsurAce Protocol provides reliable, robust and friendly insurance products and services to crypto users and safeguard their crypto journey. DeFi risk protection, helping to make crypto safer for investors.

Antimatter DAO

Antimatter is a hub for decentralized on-chain financial products such as derivatives and financial NFTs. Antimatter B2 is a gasless BNB sidechain that facilitates Antimatter DApps.

Tender.Fi is a decentralized lending protocol enabling whole-portfolio collateralization for long-tail assets, 0% interest loans via an overcollateralized stablecoin, and access to off-chain liquidity through an innovative liquidation mechanism.

Wink Financial

Wink provides financial infrastructure for web3 companies to help them scale faster and expand their impact. Crypto organizations use Wink to simplify crypto payments and manage their treasury and expenses efficiently.

Aperture Finance

Aperture is a cross-chain marketplace for 1-click, fully automated yield strategies that generate returns in any market.


Velvet.Capital is a cross-chain DeFi Asset Management protocol that helps people & institutions create index funds and other structured financial products as well as manage their portfolios on-chain.

Deus Ex Securitas

Deus Ex Securitas uses a machine learning approach to automatically audit smart contracts. Aiming for an overall safer and more secure blockchain ecosystem and creates a security floor that no project should fall below.


IdentDeFi is building a compliant liquidity layer that is composable with nearly all wallets & protocols on the market.

SocialFi / DAO

Projects working toward creating a combination of social networks in blockchain finance, these SocialFi projects allow users to earn income from participating in governance, communicating with other participants, and establishing a thriving ecosystem and community.

Kola Labs

Kola is powering on-chain music primitives with AI. We help NFT, gaming, and creator communities to create and play with composable and metaverse-oriented music assets.


Through building a DAO-as-a-Service platform, AnyDAO supports the permisionless transition for organizations from Web2 to Web3, reducing the technical barrier for anyone to launch a DAO and recruit contributors.


Fusepass is a Web3-native professional identity network optimized for hiring.  Leveraging NFT badges, on-chain and off-chain credentials, Fusepass provides high degrees of composability for users to customize their professional identity and strike a balance between social legitimacy and proof of ability. Our mission is to eliminate inefficiencies and increase transparency in the current job hiring process.

Orange Protocol

Orange is an open protocol that aggregates data and Web3 reputation models to generate various reputation proofs in the form of Verifiable Credentials and NFTs. Orange makes privacy-preserving self-sovereign identity and reputation management possible and portable across blockchain, applications and DAOs for each Web3 community member.


A particularly competitive category that has seen innovation from all quarters in recent months, these are platforms and products that focus on NFT and Metaverse:


Rareboard is an NFT Marketplace Aggregator built for BNB Chain. Rareboard gives collectors precise rarity data, the hottest mints and the best buying opportunities across multiple collections and marketplaces.


GiroGiroAI empowers NFTs with AI utilities, transforming PFP into intelligent virtual celebrities to unlock the epochal NFT 2.0, more importantly, establishing the AI standard of Web 3.0.

Double Protocol

Double is a rental protocol for utility NFTs including GameFi, Metaverse, membership cards, subscriptions, etc. Utilizing the rentable NFT standard ERC-4907 proposed by Double team to separate the ownership and usage rights of NFTs.


Projects working toward the construction of prospective blockchain games and bringing the general public closer to blockchain technology.


CryptoZombies is a social learning platform that teaches aspiring blockchain developers to build web3 projects through fun online coding courses, communities, events, and rewards. Everyone can learn and earn with friends!

Meta Apes

Meta Apes is a free-to-play, play-and-earn strategy game designed for mobile (available on Google Play & App Store) and the first game to build/launch on the BNB Sidechain.


A hyper-casual game entertainment network aimed at bringing 4.7 billion casual gamers into Web3 and stay in Web3.

The Next Step

Follow us closely to track the progress of the up and coming innovative projects we have chosen. We will be working tirelessly with each of the teams to ensure that they can make the most of the support on offer.

What Participants can Expect

The next few weeks will see the roll out of our dedicated curriculum which is designed to offer the teams a comprehensive overview of the necessary considerations in ensuring the success of their project.

The curriculum begins on a visionary note as we sit and explore what the next-generation of innovation will entail. In the next sessions the teams will undertake more practical considerations as they examine their role in the BNB Ecosystem and explore how they can best utilize their opportunities.

The following sessions will offer the projects important and practical solutions when it comes to preparing for security and audit checks, an integral part of progressing. The teams will be shown how they can most effectively leverage Web3 data tooling and analytics for their own purposes.

Throughout the sessions it will be important for the projects to begin fleshing out their own long-term plans and the curriculum is structured to mirror this journey, moving from drawing the path to a good product to eventually being able to attract effective investment.

This Accelerator Program will see projects able to utilize the expertise of industry leading experts, posing their own relevant questions and drawing from the know-how of experienced and successful individuals. BNB Chain wants to ensure that the teams have every possible chance to address any uncertainties they face.

Excitement is building having finalized the selection for MVBV Accelerator Program, join us in the coming weeks to follow the incredible journey of our latest program cohort.

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