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Paysenger offers creators a platform to grant exclusive access to their content, fostering a more profound connection with their communities.

Aiming to diversify income sources beyond effort and audience size, Paysenger facilitates audience engagement and boost earnings through daily tasks, rewards, donations, NFT sales, and on-demand content creation.



NFT marketplace with NFTFi aggregation.

One more meaningful piece added to our NFT ecosystem where we need more players to contribute to .



Abracadabra.money is a lending and leverage platform that allows users to utilize interest-bearing tokens as collateral to obtain the versatile stablecoin MIM.

Abracadabra DAO launched magicLVL, a cutting-edge addition to their comprehensive Magic Autocompounder lineup. This innovative tool is enabling users to access lucrative yields seamlessly on BNB Chain!

Buff Network


Buff Network is a decentralized exchange designed for peer-to-pool derivatives trading.

Buff Network employs a distinctive PNL management model to minimize systemic risk while introducing innovative features such as an interactive front-end, swift position handling, one-click order copying, and subscription reminders, ensuring a convenient and efficient trading experience.



MultiBit, an innovative protocol, revolutionizes token liquidity by bridging BRC20 and BEP20 tokens.

By enabling the transfer of BRC20 tokens to the BNB Chain, MultiBit enhances the accessibility of DeFi and BNB Chain ecosystem applications. This facilitates a seamless integration of BEP20 tokens into the BRC20 ecosystem, ultimately attracting more investors and traders, which in turn benefits the growth of the BNB Chain.

Mean Finance


Mean offers a suite of risk-diversified, long-term, and decentralized investment tools.

Mean's deployment on BNB Chain is set to usher in a new era of responsible investing, encouraging users to embrace diversification, education, and a long-term perspective. Together, we are reshaping the future of the ecosystem, making it safer, smarter, and more sustainable for everyone

Entendre Finance


Fully automated, AI-driven blockchain accounting tailored for Web3 teams.

Web3 enterprises can effortlessly integrate and manage all their BNB Chain data using Entendre Finance's seamless, AI-driven crypto accounting solution.

Hinkal Protocol


Hinkal enhances privacy, obfuscating transaction details and asset storage for users.

The introduction of Hinkal's privacy layer bridges a crucial gap in the BNB Chain ecosystem by providing much-needed privacy features. Users of the BNB Chain can maintain anonymity, trade confidentially, and protect their asset details without compromising the blockchain's speed and cost advantages.



Chamcha, a trailblazer in fostering the varied ecosystem of Bitcoin Ordinals, actively contributes to the development of Ordinals Assets liquidity.

The upcoming Floorswap helps to boost the liquidity of NFTs on BNB Chain.



A Web3 infrastructure aggregator that connects Web3 users with Store Value Cards, Rewards, Loyalty, Gaming and Payment products. Our mission is to supercharge the network and dApps with global leading brands and smart contract solutions. 

For the current launch with BNB Chain, TXNHUB is focusing on bringing Web3 native shopping experience to BNB Chain community. By providing globally leading brands with retail, gaming, e-commerce and other categories, users can buy, sell, and share the TXNHUB products through BNB Chain network. TXNHUB will continue supercharging the BNB Chain ecosystem and dApps to enhance user engagement with new products and Web3 native solutions.

LS Trade


A decentralized Futures Battle trading platform. LS TRADE allows users to trade futures contracts with ease in a decentralized and transparent way.

LS TRADE aims to revolutionize trading on BNB Chain by introducing a user-friendly platform and a unique "Futures Battle - Predict to Earn" model. This will attract diverse users and increase attention, new users, and capital flow into BNB Chain's ecosystem, further promoting decentralized value in the crypto industry.

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