New Projects on BNB Chain (8th June - 14th June)

2023.6.16  •  3 min read
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Each week, BNB Chain onboards tons of new projects across the landscape of DeFi, SocialFi, Web3 gaming, and beyond. 🔥

Take a look at the table below for descriptions of each, and make sure to follow any projects that capture your interest. Check back every week for updates on the latest members of the BNB Chain fam! Let's keep building Web3 together.

8 June - 14th June

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Value Brought to BNB Chain

Hashkey DID


HashKey DID is a multi-chain decentralised identity data aggregator powered by smart contract, NFT, and privacy protection decentralised protocol to provide identity services to Web3 users.

Hashkey DID is empowering users with data ownership and control, enhancing safety and convenience through privacy-preserving computations, and capturing digital identity growth.


Sparkle is a gamified astrology social app with curated web3 and AIGC features

The first gamified astrology social app with AIGC features natively launched on BNBChain. Align with the strategic focus in quarterly research reports. 

Oasis AI


A virtual world where humans and AI can interact symbiotically with technology integration with AI,Blockchain and VR.

AI powered dApps building virtual beings in the form of NFT on BNBChain, which align with the quarterly strategic focus from the research team.

Prime Protocol


Deposit assets on any chain, borrow on another without bridging

Prime protocol adds value to BNB chain by offering a new lending protocol and on-ramp to the ecosystem, giving users of other blockchains access to the  opportunities on BNB Chain

Bulla Network


Bulla is an on-chain transaction and accounting solution for web3 businesses, DAOs, solopreneurs

The Bulla protocol enables Web3 finance on BNB Chain -- payments, invoicing, bookkeeping & financing from one easy dashboard

League of Thrones


League of Thrones is a Fully-On-Chain Strategy game played in DAOs. 

League of Thrones creates a season-based battlefield for SLG lovers on BSC to compete for rewards in the form of legions. All gaming logic/media/data are stored on blockchain, which enables actions to be easily verifiable, while keeping the gaming ecosystem decentralized. LOT allows BSC blue-chip NFT holders to join the game with their own NFTs fashioned by LOT-style stable diffusion AI.



Multi-sensory learning/entertainment ecosystem on web3.

Capshort will allow users to participate in activities such as learning, entertainment, gaming, connecting people and thereby earn a $CAP token in many different ways and help BNB Chain to have reach more users.

Mar3 AI


The AI Platform for Web3: Innovative Generative AI Tools for Web3 Marketing

Mar3 AI is an AI platform that is specifically designed to assist Web3 builders and users in the BNB Chain ecosystem, enhancing marketing strategies, content creation, and audience targeting within the decentralized world.



Powerful real-world asset infrastructure that enables up to 20% yield on stablecoins

BNB users can diversify their portfolios and earn yield by gaining exposure to our RWA investments (loans from fintech partners)



DeFi protocol utilizing flash loans for on chain margin trading with $10B liquidity.

FlashFlow boosts the BNB ecosystem, bridging flash loans, swaps, lending protocols. Each trade amplifies usage of these protocols.


Loyalty platform for web3 gaming projects. Quest-based interoperable ID for web3 gamers on EVM ecosystem. is a gaming social platform. In gaming, we know the importance of the community and thus, Sakaba's platform will be a great dApp for the community to get engaged, especially for our friends in Japan!

Partisia Blockchain


Partisia means Distributed Trust. Their mission is to establish a web3 infrastructure with no single point of trust for generic coordination of public and private information to be used by all applications across all platforms.

Now available to all BNB users, a privacy solution that can be layered on top of BNB dApps.  Partisia Blockchain Foundation introduces integration with BNB to enable generic MPC functionality as a layer 2.



KiloEx is a decentralized perp exchange offering fast, CEX-like trading and more.

Next generation perp DEX. Lightning-fast trades,risk-neutral positions and LP-friendly solutions

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