BNB Chain Monthly Stars – November

2022.11.16  •  5 min read
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Innovation never stops and BNB Chain is committed to identifying and supporting the projects in our ecosystem that have great potential to expand crypto’s utility and help users from all walks of life seamlessly enter the world of Web3. This month we feature projects in the DAO, Metaverse, Payments, NFT, SocialFi, and GameFi spaces. Let’s dive right in!


Axelar delivers secure cross-chain communication for Web3 whose infrastructure enables dApp users to interact with any asset or application, on any chain, with one click. Axelar consists of two layers: the network and the API above it. At Axelar’s core is a permissionless overlay network that delivers Turing-complete cross-chain communication via proof-of-stake and permissionless protocols. Sitting on top of the network are APIs and protocols, an application-development layer that developers use to compose across any number of chains. Once integrated, all new interconnected blockchains automatically become interoperable with the application, enabling limitless network effects.

Learn more about Axelar.

Owl Protocol

Owl Protocol is a next-generation dynamic NFT platform that allows anyone to create, deploy, and manage engaging NFT utilities and mechanics all without the need to know how to code. Owl Protocol uses open source, standardized smart contracts for all dynamic features making integration with existing NFT marketplaces and NFT production and distribution possible across all L1 blockchains. Owl Protocol also makes it easy to bridge Web2 databases with their ecosystem of blockchain infrastructure, providing an intuitive onramp into the world of Web3.

Learn more about Owl Protocol.


CyberConnect is the world’s first decentralized social graph protocol that aims to put users back in control of their own social connections in Web3. CyberConnect social graph data will be publicly accessible for all dApps as an add-on feature for developers to leverage users’ connections to grow beyond their existing user base, regardless of which blockchain the dApp is built on. At the heart of CyberConnect is a tamper-proof data structure that efficiently facilitates the creation, update, query, and verification of user-centric data. The CyberConnect protocol aims to emulate Ethereum’s example of security, permissionlessness and decentralized governance, and will employ a token-incentivized model to fairly reward all contributors who help bootstrap the project.

Learn more about CyberConnect.

Particle Auth is a simple self-custodial authorization and authentication infrastructure for Web3 dApps and wallets and aims to be the fastest path from idea to deployment in a single workflow for high performance dApps. The protocol facilitates the onboarding of users new to crypto with just an email, phone number, or social login, and provides full regulatory, licensing and compliance services. Developers will be able to rapidly integrate full-functioning wallet features into a dApp making it safe and easy for users to use buy, send, receive, and swap tokens, as well as collect and beautifully display NFTs across blockchains.

Learn more about Particle.

The Harvest

The Harvest is a third-person shooter with multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) and Battle Royale elements. Team up with friends in four teams each comprising three heroes. Each hero has abilities and power cards and every season new NFT cards will appear. The team with the most “essence” at the end of the match wins the game!

Learn more about The Harvest.


Tally is a DAO operations platform to help dApp project teams start, join and grow decentralized organizations. Tally simplifies the DAO governance process so users, project teams and relevant stakeholders can focus on contributing to DAOs. Tally integrates high quality open-source DAO tools and best practices in one place, allowing participants to make decisions with on-chain token voting, the safest and most trustless way for a DAO to manage funds and on-chain assets; find and work with one another with easy access to all parties’ decentralized identities; and, easily propose and approve payouts for contributors, services and sub DAOs.

Learn more about Tally.

Velvet. Capital

Velvet.Capital is committed to bringing DeFi to the masses with a multi-chain DeFi protocol that helps users create crypto portfolios, indexes and other financial instruments incorporating modern portfolio theory and highly vetted yield farming to deliver additional yield potential – all in just a few clicks. Individuals can access a Web3 native app for direct deposit and withdrawal and third party platforms can use Velvet.Capital’s SDK/API to create their own financial products, leveraging their DeFi-as-a-Service model.

Learn more about Velvet. Capital.

Radio Caca

RACA is a metaverse platform for game studios, governed by a community-driven decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) boasting a large and experienced development team, hundreds of volunteers, and a vast fanbase. RACA’s products include Metamon, a play-to-earn blockchain-based game on BNB Chain where players get to control and collect super adorable Metamon; United States of Mars (USM) Metaverse, comprised parcels for free purchase and ownership, rich in characteristics to be explored; and RACA NFT Marketplace, where users can purchase or sell USM Metaverse land, Metamon and other RACA branded NFT assets.

Learn more about Radio Caca.

Disclaimer: The information provided through the BNB Chain community does not constitute advice or recommendation for investment or trading. Projects are listed in no particular order. BNB Chain does not take responsibility for any of your investment decisions. Please seek professional advice before taking financial risks.

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