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SecondLive brings the “Music storm” to BNB Chain with Quavo

2022.4.14  •  6 min read
Blog post image.

For the first time in history, SecondLive, Innocent Cat, and BNB Chain will co-host the first-ever metaverse Hip-hop concert with American rapper Quavo. This will be the first music event in the metaverse on BNB Chain.

(The concert will go live on 15 April 2022 with online streaming on Binance Live.)

The metaverse is now starting to welcome the $57 billion music industry. Singers and artists are starting to consider music metaverse as the next destination for them to break geographical boundaries and communicate with fans worldwide.

In the virtual world, singers will be able to use their avatars to perform on a virtual fancy stage. Fans will also be able to communicate with other fans from all over the world or even with the singer. This is exactly what SecondLive aims to provide.  

A high-quality metaverse concert with 5,000 audiences

As a metaverse infrastructure protocol and scene platform, SecondLive is committed to providing players with a series of metaverse infrastructures, including PUGC/UGC tools, economic systems, and social systems, while introducing singers, DJs, sports stars, and artistes. For a start, SecondLive is introducing the well-known rapper, Quavo of Migos to us.

The Quavo Metaverse Hip-Hop Concert will start at 12:00 UTC on 15 April 2022. Co-founder Alice Liv pointed out that with their advanced technological support, SecondLive will provide a realistic concert with high fluency while accommodating a 5,000-large audience, which it claimed is far better than most of its peers in the industry.

"SecondLive adopts a realistic art style, richer and more exciting in visual expression, and will not be limited by the pixel style. In addition, our design is based on the client web application rather than the web application, which allows SecondLive to carry more online users simultaneously. There are very few metaverse platforms on the market that can reach 5,000 people online simultaneously like SecondLive. Some other platforms will be overloaded if hundreds of users are online."
(The snapshot of the arena during testing of the concert.)

Cooperating with American rap star Quavo

Quavo, the well-known American rapper, is also the co-founder of hip hop trio Migos. Four of the record rapper’s singles have also peaked within the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard Hot 200. In his first metaverse hip-hop concert, Quavo will bring seven songs to audiences.

(There will be seven songs in Quavo’s metaverse concert.)

Alice noted that SecondLive could cooperate with Quavo because of its excellent relationships with different music artiste agencies.

“We have a perfect relationship with a music artiste agency based in Taiwan, a traditional agency with a handful of experiences in real concerts. They are best known to assist Jay Chou, the famous Asia singer, in concerts over the past decades in China. The agency also has contacts with many American and Europe singers, rappers, and artistes, which helped us to contact Quavo.”

Further on, Alice said SecondLive would cooperate with more famous singers, artistes, and rappers to hold more metaverse concerts. At this moment, SecondLive can accommodate 5,000 people in one show. Alice said SecondLive would gradually grow the capacity to 8,000 and then 10,000 people.

Metaverse could be a profitable virtual space for artists

There are quite a few artistes who have held virtual concerts before, including Lady Gaga, Justin Biber, Ariana Grande, Marshmello, Ariana Grande, Post Malone, and Travis Scott.

Travis Scott’s virtual concert in Fortnite was considered an enormous success, as it had shown how profitable a metaverse concert could be. Just like a real-life concert, there were merchandise to be sold. Players can also buy emotes and skins which are dance moves that your characters perform during the concert. According to Forbes, Scott grossed $20 million from his virtual concert, including sales of side products, which is a considerable number considering his whole Astroworld tour in 2019 grossed $53.9 million. Alice is happy to see that more and more singers are interested in performing in metaverse concerts. However, to make the metaverse concert become a metaverse event with lower barriers, Alice pointed out that tools that can be widely adopted for creating such spaces are essential. She said SecondLive is ready to launch tools that can quickly help users create their own space in metaverse.

(The gross revenue of Travis Scott’s virtual concert in Fortnite vs his 2019 Astroworld Tour.)

Introducing PUGC and UGC tools to users for creating their own virtual space in SecondLive

“Travis Scott’s virtual concert is fancy, but it is difficult for users to build a similar space easily,” Alice commented. To allow more singers or other users to create their own space easily, Alice said SecondLive would launch PUGC and UGC tools soon, which help users create their own space to do anything they want. “Based on the Create-to-Earn model designed by SecondLive, We will launch feature-rich and easy-to-use authoring tools for creators and players so that people can produce content according to their creativity.”
“In later April, we will launch our PUGC tool for professional players. If they can draw and model with Unity, some pro-players can use these tools with SecondLive’s API to create space, items, avatars, dance moves, whatever they want by themselves. Players can also mint their items into NFT for trading in NFT marketplaces.” Alice said SecondLive would also launch the UGC tools for those unfamiliar with Unity or coding, which are easy to use for regular players. “In the future, we hope even normal players can also create their own space to hold concerts, exhibitions, virtual classrooms, whatever they want, which helps them create fan base and generate profits.”

NFT and other technologies that could be the fundamental element of music metaverse

#1 NFT provides ownerships and rights for users to access events

NFT (non-fungible token) refers to the certificate that proves the ownership of a physical or digital item. The tickets for Quavo’s metaverse hip-hop concert are sold in the form of NFTs. Users who hold the NFT tickets (BEP-721 standard) will have the right to access the show's arena in SecondLive. Holders can also transfer their tickets directly to others or list their NFT tickets in NFT marketplaces. For users who hold Innocent Cats NFTs, the NFTs allow holders to enter different metaverse concerts. They could also have the right to watch Quavo’s metaverse concert.

(Tickets are now available in Binance NFT marketplace.)

#2 NFT provides royalty feature

Another advantage of NFT is its royalty feature. Singers can create digital items such as songs, music video, emote, and dance-move in the form of NFTs. They can earn a certain royalty amount every time the NFT is re-sold.

#3 Technologies that can enrich the experience of users in metaverse

SecondLive believes that relevant technologies are also crucial for providing a superb experience for players in the metaverse.

“We will soon introduce cutting-edge VR space synchronous interaction technology and Avatar full-body motion capture technology, supplemented by creator assistance systems based on various spaces, truly realizing create-to-earn in every place in the SecondLive world.” Alice revealed.

With more advanced technologies launched, SecondLive will also introduce more entertainment and work scenes such as concerts, music festivals, artist exhibitions, and game halls, which will further enrich the content on the SecondLive platform.

Creativity will be one of the most critical core values of the Metaverse

According to Alice’s sharing, we can find that the metaverse will be an ideal world that allows users to remove physical limitations and construct their perfect world with creativity. With more advanced software and hardware launches and continual development of blockchain infrastructure, it is believed that users will be able to create a new world with endless possibilities in the metaverse.

If you wish to receive more information about our community and closely communicate with our team, please don’t hesitate to join our Discord Group!