Supporting the DeFi Ecosystem on BNB Chain: Meta-Governance Grants Recipients Announced

2023.12.20  •  1 min read
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BNB Chain and PancakeSwap have announced recipients of the Meta-Governance Grants, an initiative aimed at nurturing early-stage Web3 projects and advancing innovation within the DeFi governance ecosystem.

Meta-Governance Grants provide crucial support to promising early-stage projects building the future of governance on the BNB Chain native DEX, PancakeSwap. Aimed at fostering an environment that encourages the growth of the BNB Chain ecosystem, the initiative offers resources for initial product development and financial and technological backing, emphasizing the importance of community-driven governance and the future of DeFi.

The selected recipients of the grants include Cakepie, StakeDAO, Breakfast Finance, and Redacted Cartel.

All four exemplified commitment to pioneering meta-governance solutions that empower the Web3 DeFi ecosystem. Developers, protocols, and community members are invited to immerse themselves in these protocols as they contribute to the collaborative future of the BNB Chain DeFi ecosystem.

As we celebrate these achievements, we look forward to witnessing the transformative impact of these grants on the BNB Chain community! Stay tuned for further updates on the BNB Chain social channels. 

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