June was an exciting month for BNB Chain as we made further progress on our Development Outlook for 2022 and continued diving deeper into BNB Smart Chain (BSC), BNB Beacon Chain, and BNB ZkRolllup.

Major Tech update in June:

1. Euler Upgrade - A significant upgrade that strengthens network security, availability, and reliability of BSC Mainnet

2. BNB ZkRolllup is under testing - This will look to provide a faster transaction speed with high security and super low gas fees

3. BSC Enhancement - Two types of new distributed nodes, Ancient Blocks Real-time Pruneare, and other minor patches that improve performance and lower hardware requirements while focusing on security

4. BNB Beacon Chain is now open-source - Significant opportunities for developers to build and also utilize transparent multi-chain possibilities

1. Euler Upgrade Launch on BSC Mainnet

On June 22th, the Euler Upgrade took place on the BSC mainnet. The upgrade aims to strengthen and ensure the network's survival even if more than half of the validator set is censored or taken down unexpectedly or hostilely, thereby increasing the BSC network’s availability and reliability.

Furthermore, these improvements aim to achieve a more reliable and stable validator set as well as provide faster transaction finality. The Euler upgrade will also introduce a scheduled maintenance feature to stabilize the blocking rotation and maintain the BSC capacity without a validator.

To know more about Euler Upgrade, please read: A Detailed Tour of the BNB Smart Chain Euler Upgrade

2. BNB ZkRolllup Phase1

BNB ZkRolllup is a trustless and scaling solution for BSC. BNB ZkRolllup is built on ZK-Rollup architecture. BNB ZkRolllup bundles (or “roll-up”) hundreds of transactions off-chain and generates cryptographic proof. These proofs can come in the form of SNARKs (succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge) which can prove the validity of every single transaction in the Rollup Block. It means all funds are held on the BSC, while computation and storage are performed on BNB Sidechain with less cost and fast speed.

The scope of BNB ZkRolllup Phase1 includes:

  • BNB ZkRolllup shares the same security as BSC does.
  • Fast transaction speed, faster finality, and much lower gas fee.
  • BNB and BEP20/BEP721/BEP1155 created on BSC or BNB ZkRolllup can flow freely between BSC and BNB ZkRolllup.
  • Users can trigger a “full exit” on BSC. The user can request this operation to withdraw funds if he thinks BNB ZkRolllup censors his transactions.
  • Built-in instant AMM swap.
  • Built-in NFT support.

Currently, the code base of Phase1 is under testing. We will open-source it as soon as we get a stable release.

3. BNB Smart Chain(BSC) Enhancement

New Distributed Nodes - Fast Node and Verify Node

To lower the hardware requirement and keep security, we introduce two types of nodes to make full use of different storage. One is named fast node, and the other is called verify node.

The fast node will do block processing with snapshot, and it will carry out all verifications against blocks except state root. The verify node receives diffhash from the fast node and then responds MPT root to the fast node.

A fast node is much lighter and faster than a full node. Check more details here. This novel syncing mode will be included in release v1.1.12 in two weeks.

Ancient Blocks Real-time Prune

The BSC client can drop stale blocks to save disk spaces during syncing.


Several minor patches to improve the performance of state prefetcher and trie tree prefetcher.

4. BNB Beacon Chain Goes Open-Source

To help innovation thrive on BNB Chain, BNB Beacon Chain is now open-source to the public, alongside the Binance decentralized exchange (DEX), making it accessible for developers to build on.

Harnessing native secure cross-chain support will open doors for blockchain interoperability and mean users can seamlessly navigate the chains they use. This interoperability is foundational to the broader aim of allowing the community to take full advantage of BNB Chain.

The broader community will benefit from the move as they gain the ability to put their ideas in motion. Developers are now free to utilize the DEX matching engine code to use and build on.

You can read ‘BNB Beacon Chain Goes Open-Source’ to know more about the benefits of open-source in BNB Beacon Chain

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