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The Era7 World Cup Season 2 Reaches Conclusion

2022.12.18  •  2 min read
Blog post image.

Era7’s Season 2 World Cup Tournament saw nearly a thousand players from over 46 countries worldwide come together for a blockchain gaming bonanza.

Users flocked in for an opportunity to battle it out over the lucrative prize pool organized by the team. With 300,00 ERA, 20,000 BUSD and $60,000 available to those who reached the knockout rounds, gamers were ready for war.

Web3 has earmarked itself as a home for gaming tournaments bringing people together from all over the world. Over 10,000 total views of the incredible event were live-streamed simultaneously in four languages.

The project has seen its second season dwarf the previous iteration of the tournament after attracting significant sponsorship from the likes of BNB Chain, SpiritMaster, Beosin, iZUMi, industry famous media platform, Mars Finance, Golden Finance, Coinlive, Dethings, as well as ecological partners Quest3, BitKeep, DEGAME and Footprint Analytics.

The team has already been clear about their goal to ensure that the tournament will continue to grow and attract gamers from all walks of life. To do this they have been concentrating on widening user participation, developing an innovative tournament system, standardizing tournament management and ensuring long term operation.

World Cup Season 2 in Review

For The 2022 Era7 World Cup Tournament Season Two, the Era7 Team offered two types of events with two separate prize pools for every Adventurer and YouTuber worldwide to celebrate the tournament together by sharing their thoughts.

The second season of Era7’s World Cup Tournament officially opened its initial round of qualifiers on November 9th. 924 ladder ranked players were selected to participate, and finally on Nov 27th is the dueling moment for the Top 4 Adventurers who have gone through all the way to Knockout Stage!

The ESportsFi Commentators initiative by Era7 attracted some incredible numbers with 995 participants, 923 Tweets, 67 YouTube videos and 5 different commentators. The championship round stacked with elite players saw 25 participants and over 11,700 votes. The exposure of the gaming bonanza is best encapsulated by the 59 live sessions hosted on YouTube, the 2,190 subscribers that came along for the ride and the 10,000+ views the event amassed.

Users were invited to tweet the commentary on their favorite match in The S2 Era7 WCT and share their thoughts with no fewer than 50 characters, along with a video clip or image(s) from the match. The winners shared out a grand total prize of $2,000 for this part of the event.

It didn’t end there. There was an even bigger, $5,000 prize pool, for those who went to the trouble of uploading their commentary/highlights video about The S2 Era7 WCT to their YouTube channel.

Philanthropic Endeavors

During World Cup Season 2, Era7 teamed up with Legend of Hearthstone GrandMaster level players for a charity event, which saw over 80% of the prize money, 4000 BUSD, donated to the Binance Charity Foundation Kenya Children's Lunch Program.

The charitable deed was in homage to the classic card game "The Legend of Hearthstone", and represents Era7's plan and determination to continue driving the legacy of the GameFi & EsportsFi ecosystem long term!

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