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The opBNB Journey: Unveiling the Roadmap Together

2023.11.29  •  3 min read
Blog post image.

opBNB’s Design Principles

opBNB’s design principles can be simplified into three core motivators:

  1. High Performance and Low Cost

At the core of opBNB's design philosophy lies a commitment to high performance and affordability. 

opBNB’s roadmap prioritizes scalability, transaction efficiency, and network responsiveness, paving a way for the flourishing ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps) at an incredibly low cost. 

This ambitious target is to achieve a staggering 10,000 transactions per second (TPS) while making transactions 10 times cheaper than the current level of transaction cost, which is $0.005 for transfer transactions..

  1. AppChain Architecture

opBNB’s introduction of AppChain architecture is a strategic move to deploy multiple application-specific Layer 2 solutions seamlessly. This architecture aims to enhance the connectivity of opBNB, providing a robust framework for the growing landscape of dApps.

  1. Community Collaboration

A vibrant and engaged community is the heartbeat of opBNB. The roadmap emphasizes the cultivation of a collaborative community actively contributing to the platform's development, governance, and overall growth.

So how will opBNB be able to achieve the above? 

It will be through the introduction of empowering features, supporting builders to develop and deploy on opBNB with ease. 

opBNB’s Empowering Features

Enhancing Performance

opBNB is set to improve its performance by doubling its capacity from 100M/Second to 200M/second. This improvement positions opBNB as the highest capacity Layer 2 (L2) solution in the market. Furthermore, this heightened capacity empowers opBNB to support on-chain games and high-frequency DeFi Transactions at an impressive rate of 10,000 transactions per second (TPS).

Typically, TPS serves as a crucial indicator, reflecting the swiftness and efficiency of a blockchain network. A higher TPS typically signifies the blockchain's ability to handle a greater volume of transactions with increased speed and smoothness.

Cost Efficiency - 10X Cost Reduction

opBNB’s Data Availability layer design, implemented on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) through EIP4844 and BNB Greenfield, aims to achieve an outstanding 10x reduction in transaction costs compared to current levels. 

Unlike the current method of including batched transactions in the costly CALLDATA within the blockchain block, this new system acts as a sidecar outside the BSC block on BNB Greenfield. This approach substantially reduces costs by avoiding permanent on-chain data storage, improving efficiency, and cutting overall expenses.

Security and Scalability

opBNB is committed to adopting Multiple Proof (Fraud proof or Zk proof) in the OP Stack solution to offer a more adaptable and secure proof for Optimistic Rollup, advancing opBNB to Stage 1 rollup on BSC. To achieve Stage 1 rollup status, an L2 must fulfill specific requirements (see here for more on this topic). 

Diverse NodeTypes

opBNB will have different types of nodes to meet diverse user and application needs. opBNB will offer:

Archive node which will store the complete blockchain history.

Full node that will retain the latest blockchain state.  

Fast node that will enable user participation without the need for powerful hardware or high bandwidth typically required by full nodes.

AppChain architecture based on the opBNB stack

opBNB will establish an App Chain architecture capable of effortlessly deploying various application-specific Layer 2 solutions and seamlessly connecting them. This approach enables BSC to scale and meet the requirements of large-scale applications with extensive usage. 

All Layer 2 chains within this architecture share decentralized governance, upgrades, technology stack, and a communication layer (bridge) to Layer 1, fostering a cohesive ecosystem.

Q4 '23/Q1 '24 Milestones

The journey ahead for opBNB is marked by exciting milestones:

  1. Introduction of multiple node types (Archive node / Full node / Fast node).
  2. Block capacity to increase from 100M/second to 150M/second.
  3. Implementation of scalable Data Availability with lower costs on BSC 4844 and Greenfield.

Community Engagement: The Driving Force

The opBNB community is not just an audience; it is a driving force behind the opBNB’s success as a platform. Acknowledging the potential of community members to contribute to both dApp development and core chain technology innovations, opBNB is eager to redefine collaboration in the blockchain space. 

If you have an idea, just started building or wanting inspiration, check out our wishlist for opBNB:

opBNB Core Chain 

opBNB dApp Innovations