Are you looking for a way to help grow the adoption of Web3 and blockchain technology? Do you have a Twitter, blog, YouTube channel, niche site or other social media account that you record your unique thoughts and share with your followers? If so, you should apply for BNB Chain’s Advocates Program.

BNB Chain has a large Web3 ecosystem and we are keen to leverage social network KOLs/content creators to expand our reach and bring more users and developers into the rabbit hole of Web3; at the same time, many writers and researchers are interested in BNB Chain and want to connect with us but don't know where to start.

That’s why we have initiated the BNB Chain’s Advocates Program. We want to build a bridge between the opinion leaders on the social network and BNB Chain ecosystem, and together we will tell a better Web3 story.

Who Can Apply?

All the content creators who have a meaningful social media following are welcomed to join this program. It is not only for crypto/web3 KOLs. We welcome people in any field: arts, gaming, technology, finance, humor, lifestyle etc, as long as you want to join us on our journey to onboard the next 1 billion users to the Web3 world. We will verify your social account based on the number and quality of your followers and the content you created before and make the final decision.

Why Should You Apply?

By applying for BNB Chain Advocates Program, you will get:

  • First-hand information from BNB Chain
  • Chances to work with BNB Chain and ecosystem projects directly
  • Priority access to benefits from BNB Chain ecosystem projects
  • Extra opportunities to get invited into BNB Chain events
  • A specific NFT to join our exclusive online chatting group as a member

How to Apply?

We welcome both individuals and organizations/platforms. All you need to do is fill out this application form. Each applicant can choose only one track. We will review these applications on a regular basis after you share with us your social media links, number of followers, preferred model of cooperation, main areas of coverage, etc.

The deadline for the first-round application is Oct 31st.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to leave a comment via our Twitter. Follow us on Twitter @BNBCHAIN and stay tuned for more updates!

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