To Builders/Developers
The MVB V Accelerator Program is a BNB-focused accelerator program bewteen BNB Chain and Binance Labs to help projects develop and grow more organically through coaching, investment, and network support. MVB V incubation will start in July with a 6-8 week program designed to help top project teams deliver a working product, all the way to Product/market fit.
How to apply for MVB V?
Please fill out the application form below - its simple, straightforward and only take a few minutes
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How It Works
Our Focus
We're looking for projects that need acceleration and that drive innovation and progress within the BNB Chain ecosystem as well as the whole blockchain industry. We welcome projects in all stages and at all valuations. The focus is on finding projects with a unique market fit and a secure environment that delivers high-performing and efficient innovations to the ecosystem.
  • Infrastructure: middleware, cross-chain, security/risk control tools
  • DeFi: advanced DeFi, portfolio management, stream pay
  • GameFi: play to earn, game development tools
  • SocialFi: fan engagement platforms, creator content tools
  • Metaverse: virtual platforms, analytics & development tools
  • We encourage all innovations!
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1. Is MVB an ongoing project?
Yes, MVB is a on-going program - we regularly hold several rounds of the MVB annually; please follow the BNB website and Tweeter for timely MVB information!
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2. How is MVB V different from previous MVBs?
MVB V is the flagship program that aims to better support BNB Chain’s startups (Builders/Developers) growing into stable, reliable, and valuable parts of the crypto ecosystem.
MVB V is a newly-branded acceletartor program with partnership bewteen BNB chain and Binance Labs. The goal and vision of the program is to
  • Accelerate the growth of projects from all stages in the BNB chain ecosystem.
  • Driving innovation and progress within the BNB chain ecosystem and the whole blockchain industry.
  • Help projects grow more organically through coaching and selective investment from Binance.
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3. What’s Binance Labs and its role in MVB V?
Binance Labs is the venture arm of Binance, which runs infrastructure impact funds with an initiative to incubate, invest in, and empower blockchain projects. Binance Labs covers full life cycles of start-ups from early-stage incubation to late-stage venture capital investments. Since 2018, Binance Labs has an existing portfolio of 180+ projects with an AUM of $10 billion. Investment track record includes billion dollar worth names such as FTX, Axie Infinity, Matic, Dune Analytics, LayerZero etc. Binance Labs is super excited to be the strategic partner of BNB chain team to bring the best accelerator program to BNB community.
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4. How are projects selected and evaluated?
Through MVB V, Binance Labs will be collaborating with BNB Chain team to identify quality projects/teams with strong goals and visions on building BNB ecosystem and make selective investment at the end of the program.
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5. How to Sign Up for MVB V?
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6. Why should I apply?
  • Founders and teams of selected projects will be invited to an 6-8 week program with curriculums tailored to BNB ecosystem.
  • Selective Investment: we will select qualified projects and provide investment and traction at the end of the program to further accelerate your growth.
  • Extensive Network. Projects can connect directly with our diverse network of industry leaders to source partnerships, professional services and many more.
  • Market Presence. After the program, MVB V runs a Demo Day so the founders and project teams can present themselves and their products to increase market exposure.
More Info
If you’re a developer/builder, don’t forget to follow our official twitter. All the latest information about MVB V will be released there!