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BNB Chain Developer Programs

We aspire to drive innovation and adoption of Web3. By creating Developer Programs we help builders with grants, incentives, support, and more.

What we provide

Builder Grants

BNB Chain Builder Grants awards monthly grants to builders and projects that can add value to the BNB Chain ecosystem.

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Gas Grant

Get up to $15k monthly rewards to accelerate your dApp's growth.


BNB Chain Kickstart

Essential tools and services provided by BNB Chain ecosystem partners, aimed to help projects kick start their building journey.


Advisory Support Programs

BNB Chain provides dedicated advisory support programs that enable selected projects to further innovation and adoption of the Web3 space.


Game Jam

The First BNB Chain Game Jam for Gaming Developers.

Trailblazer Programs

BNB Chain is actively working with our communities and providing a supportive program to connect builders, and incubate and accelerate their projects.

Innovation Hackathons & Events

Are you a talented developer who has an idea for the decentralized future? Join our hackathons and events, meet like-minded individuals and collaborate on building a better future together.

MVB VI Accelerator Program

A BNB-focused accelerator program between Binance Labs and BNB Chain to incubate projects; helping them grow more organically through coaching, grants/investment, and network support.

European Innovation Incubator

BNB Chain European Innovation Incubator is a virtual program with exclusive meet-ups across the continent, helping Web3 startups develop innovative products.

Zero2Hero Builder Series

BNB Chain Zero2Hero Series is a 6-month online Bootcamp-hackathon-Incubator program from February to July 2023 which will welcome developers to build tools for mass adoption.


Participation in BNB Chain Developer Programs is completely optional. Independent third-party projects that are found eligible to benefit from BNB Chain Developer Programs may be required to agree to additional terms and conditions. We do not and cannot control activity and data on the BNB Chain or the activities that community participants or projects may develop using BNB Chain, which is a public, decentralized and permissionless blockchain. Participation or selection in any BNB Chain Developer Program by any third-party project should not be construed as a recommendation, vetting, or endorsement of such third-party projects by BNB Chain, or any other affiliated entity.