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BNB Chain Growth Incentive

Our program offers support for different stages of growth, apply now and thrive within the BNB Chain ecosystem.

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Why Join Our Growth Incentive

We understand the challenges present at different stages of development for each project, hence we’ve tailored a program to scale your growth no matter which stage you’re at.

Tailored To You

Receive incentives based on growth targets crafted for you at your current growth stage.

Up To 100% Gas Fee Incentives

Receive different tiers of incentives based on different growth milestones.

Looking To Advance Your Growth?

We’re looking for projects that are eager to build, acquire even more users and expand their reach within our ecosystem.

on BNB Chain

Safe and audited by a reputable auditor

Projects exhibiting growth potential

Get Started with BNB Chain Growth Incentive

Step 1


Projects and teams must submit an application to initiate the evaluation process

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Step 2


Upon completion of the application, an assessment process takes place where we will do our due diligence in evaluating the entire project

Step 3


Applicants that have fulfilled the evaluation criteria will be notified and we will work with you to design growth targets

Step 4


You grow!

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