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Spiky Ball in 3D Space

BNB Chain
Game Jam

The First BNB Chain Game Jam
for Gaming Developers

24 Jan

RSVP to the London
Launch Party

What is Game Jam?

Game Jams are fast-paced events where
developers come together to create
a video game. The goal is to encourage
collaboration and creativity among
developers. Game Jams are open
to anyone, either in person or online.
They are a great opportunity for
developers to build and learn new skills.

World wide connect game jam
The Theme of BNB Chain Game Jam -
Social Games

Create games that are designed to be played with friends or other players online, and that offer bonus points or rewards for playing against other players.

  • Mobile

  • Casual

  • Puzzle

  • Arcade

  • Card

  • Multiplayer

Prizes and
Ecosystem Support
From BNB Chain
and Sponsors
  • Games are split into 3 categories per platform - Mobile, PC, and web (played from a computer browser or installed on the computer)

    • There’s a separate category for on-chain integration (for example, a game that can be a winner in both the Mobile category and also in the on-chain category).

      • Each category gets 1/2/3 places

        • 3 projects go to MVB6 (the winners of the 3 platform categories)

          • All 12 projects receive tweets (all winners across the categories)

            • All 12 projects receive BNB Chain Kickstarter pack

              • All 3 winners from the on-chain category get:

                • Priority consideration for a grant

                • BNB Chain support for their next game on BNB Chain

              • CARV provides 1 month of support for all admitted BNB Game Jam projects and 2 game campaigns

                • CARV provides BNB Game Jam winner receives 2 months of free consultation and analytical insights

                  • Meta1 provides (PC track) 1st place - 3 months of hosting at 5k MAU, 2nd place - 2 months of hosting at 2k MAU, 3rd place - 1 month of hosting at 1k MAU

                    • ValueX provides 1st place in all tracks 1 advisory package

                      • Polkastarter provides top 3 projects 1 advisory package

                        • Nodereal provides 1 winner free RPC Enterprise for 2 months and consultation

                          Incentives for Deployment
                          • After they deploy the game on ZK BNB Chain/BNB Chain:

                            • The top 12 projects get priority consideration for grants and BNB Chain support for their next BNB chain game


                          Jan 24

                          Launch Party and Applications

                          Feb 1

                          Game Jam Online Launch

                          Feb 28

                          Submission Deadline for Games

                          Mar 1

                          Judging and Scoring

                          Mar 24

                          Winners Announced

                          Track Sponsors
                          Value X

                          Value X













                          Wide screen monitor
                          BNB CubeParticipate in
                          the BNB Chain
                          Game Jam Event
                          Apply Now