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BNB Chain
Game Jam

The First BNB Chain Game Jam
for Gaming Developers

24 Jan

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Launch Party

20 Jan - 31 Jan

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What is Game Jam?

Game Jams are fast-paced events where
developers come together to create
a video game. The goal is to encourage
collaboration and creativity among
developers. Game Jams are open
to anyone, either in person or online.
They are a great opportunity for
developers to build and learn new skills.

World wide connect game jam
The Theme of BNB Chain Game Jam -
Social Games

Create games that are designed to be played with friends or other players online, and that offer bonus points or rewards for playing against other players.

  • Mobile

  • Casual

  • Puzzle

  • Arcade

  • Card

  • Multiplayer

Prizes and
Ecosystem Support
From BNB Chain
and Sponsors
  • Games are split into 3 categories per platform - Mobile, PC, and web (played from a computer browser or installed on the computer)

    • There’s a separate category for on-chain integration (for example, a game that can be a winner in both the Mobile category and also in the on-chain category).

      • Each category gets 1/2/3 places

        • 3 projects go to MVB6 (the winners of the 3 platform categories)

          • All 12 projects receive tweets (all winners across the categories)

            • All 12 projects receive BNB Chain Kickstarter pack

              • All 3 winners from the on-chain category get:

                • Priority consideration for a grant

                • BNB Chain support for their next game on BNB Chain

              Incentives for Deployment
              • After they deploy the game on ZK BNB Chain/BNB Chain:

                • The top 12 projects get priority consideration for grants and BNB Chain support for their next BNB chain game


              Jan 24

              Launch Party and Applications

              Feb 1

              Game Jam Online Launch

              Feb 28

              Submission Deadline for Games

              Mar 1

              Judging and Scoring

              Mar 24

              Winners Announced

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