May 31, 10:00 UTC
BNB Chain Revelation Summit
A virtual event for everyone who believes in the widespread adoption of crypto and its ability to power the world's parallel virtual ecosystem.
Join us for the final revelation of the largest BNB Chain hackathon ever.
Revelation Summit is a five-hour event packed with key opinion leaders, popular blockchain projects, and the Revelation Hackathon's closing ceremony.
Summit Schedule
The Revelation Summit starts on May 31 at 10:00 UTC and ends at 15:00 UTC.
  • Panel1
    BNB Vision & Roadmap
    BNB Chain team will discuss vision, tech roadmap, and provide important updates to the community.
  • Panel2
    BNB Chain Application sidechain (BAS)
    Launching your Sidechain on BNB Chain: BAS Mainnet Launch and what it offers to the builder community
  • Panel3
    Future of Web3
    Thought Leaders will present their vision for Web3 and what builders are focusing to create dApps that scale.
  • Panel4
    MVB: Uncharted Territory
    Describe BNB Chain’s Most Valuable Builder Program (MVB), provide examples of successful projects and their journey, and explain how it provides builders with investment and coaching
  • Panel5
    Winners of the 6 Revelation track
    Discover the winners of the six hackathon tracks from Revelation hackathon, meet the project teams and lead track sponsors