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BNB Chain Weekly Ecosystem Report (6-12 January)

2023.1.13  ‱  2 min read
Blog post image.

We're leading off this week's Ecosystem Report with an important reminder to check out the BNB Chain Ecosystem Job Board. It's a brand-new resource for Web3 developers that connects them with potential employers! đŸ”„

As always, you'll find data highlights from the week that was, interviews with our Monthly Stars, and updates on upcoming events. There's plenty to dive in to, so read ahead for more. Make sure to follow our socials (linked below) to get the latest news from BNB Chain and our ecosystem partners.

BNB Chain Key Data Highlight 📈

Major Announcements đŸ”„

‱ Introducing the BNB Chain Ecosystem Job Board
‱ BNB Chain Innovation Talks with Quoll
‱ Yuliverse has won the first BNB Chain Debate Competition!
‱ Submit your application to MVB6

Ecosystem Highlights 🌏

‱ Become a Web3 Superhero with Superpower Squad
‱ Enter Yuliverse: a Fantastic Social Metaverse
‱ BNB Chain's Alex Kim interviewed by CoinDesk

Monthly Star Progress ⭐

Upcoming Events 📅

đŸ‡°đŸ‡· // Xangle Blockchain Foundation Week // 2023-01-18

đŸ‡«đŸ‡· // Workshop at Station F // 2023-01-19

🇼🇳 // BNB Chain Developer Meetup - Bangalore // 2023-01-21

Recent Events 📆

đŸ‡čđŸ‡· // Web3 Developer Summit Istanbul 2023 // 2023-01-07

đŸ‡źđŸ‡± // Blockchain B7 - YAZAMUT 360  // 2023-01-09

🇾🇬 // Lunar New Year Singapore Meetup // 2023-01-13

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