BNB Chain's Innovation Night at ETHCC: A Night of Gaming and Web3 Excitement!

2023.7.4  •  3 min read
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Are you a Web3 community member living in Paris or attending EthCC? Then register for an unforgettable BNB Chain Innovation Night in Paris on Wednesday, July 19th. RSVP now!

This exclusive event promises to be an evening filled with networking opportunities, engaging discussions, and the chance to experience the forefront of Web3. Join us and be part of a dynamic gathering where you will not only hear from some of the most exciting Web3 projects but also get to meet the creative minds pushing the frontiers of Web3 gaming and play their games.


5:00 pm – Doors Open. We are expecting a lot of people so please come early! There will be plenty of networking, food, and drinks from the get-go!

6:30 pm – Presentation of BNB Chain and some of the DeFi, Infra, and Gaming projects in our ecosystem.

7:00 pm – Continue Networking... or Enter the LAN Party! We have prepared a night of games and fun for you, featuring some of our very best Web3 games. Red pill or blue pill – it's for you to choose. We have something for both worlds.

9:30 pm – Announcement of Web3 Gaming Champions. The Web3 games on BNB Chain have prepared prizes for those participating. Keep an eye out on our Twitter for more information on this.

"Did you say LAN Party?"

Yes! During the evening, you'll have the chance to engage with and learn from remarkable projects that have chosen BNB Chain as their foundation. Here's a glimpse of what awaits you:

Oxya Origin: Dive into a powerful gaming ecosystem that empowers players with engaging shooter, strategy, and exploration game modes, all connected by a player-owned asset economy. Embark on an exhilarating Open World Action RPG adventure, where you'll become the hero fighting for your faction's cause in a ruthless battle for dominance.

Games for a Living (GFAL): Test your skills in Elemental Raiders! Assemble a formidable team, collect unique spells and face off against adversaries in the thrilling PvP arena, where each strategic decision has an impact on the outcome of the battle.

LitLab Games: Immerse yourself in CyberTitans, an AAA video game backed by blockchain technology and a token-based deflationary economy. Witness how LitLab Games merges cutting-edge technology with gaming excellence.

Ultimate Champions: A free-to-play fantasy sports game offered by web3 gaming studio Unagi. The game uses officially licensed football and basketball digital cards, represented as NFTs on the BNB Chain.

Legends of Elysium (LoE): ​​An exciting fantasy Free-To-Play fusion of Card & Board Game enhanced with strategic elements. It combines an incredible, immersive classic card game experience with NFTs to give players true ownership over assets they possess.

These projects represent the high quality and innovation happening on the BNB Chain. By collaborating with projects building on BNB Chain, we aim to showcase the innovations that’s driving BNB Chain’s ecosystem. During the event, players will be able to get their hands on to put these games to test and we will also have the pleasure of interviewing the winners of each game, giving you exclusive insights into their strategies and achievements.

To make your experience even more memorable, we invite you to participate in the #BNBGameOn campaign. By using the hashtags #BNBInnovationNight and #BNBGameOn, you will be in for a chance to claim free swag and be part of the broader chatters surrounding BNB Chain and its innovative projects.

Join us for an evening of excitement, exploration, and innovation. Indulge in delicious refreshments, experience cutting-edge gaming, and stay updated with the latest developments in the BNB Chain ecosystem. We encourage you to engage with and learn from the projects that have chosen BNB Chain as their foundation.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to witness the future of gaming and Web3. Save the date - Wednesday, July 19th, and be part of the BNB Chain Innovation Evening in Paris. RSVP now and secure your spot!

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