Thetan Arena: Is Free to Earn Model the Way Towards Mass Adoption?

2022.1.26  •  2 min read
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Last September we introduced you to one of the most popular games. In BNB Chain Project Spotlight: Thetan Arena, we discussed the history of the game, met their team, and learned a bit about their future plans. If you’re new to Thetan Arena, go check out the interview.

Today we’re going to dive a bit deeper into their Free to Earn model and recently launched Hero Rental feature, which allows players to rent heroes from other players and NFT hodlers.

Free to Earn vs Pay to Earn

Blockchain games introduced multiple new game models that changed how players interact with their favorite games and how they’re rewarded for their time and efforts spent on the game.

With the possibility to earn rewards for playing, blockchain games attracted millions of new players who were before that unfamiliar to crypto. For the sake of this article, we will discuss only two models - Free to Earn and Pay to Earn.

The main difference between these models is, as the name suggests, that Free to Earn model allows players to earn rewards without having to necessarily spend tokens or buy NFTs. With Pay to Earn, it’s the opposite.

Thetan Arena is one of the games that benefit from the Free to Earn model. Thanks to this model, Thetan Arena became one of the most popular games on Binance Smart with over  21 million active players and 900,000 NFT holders. With Free to Earn games, players are more likely to start playing the game as they don’t have to spend any money, and thanks to an attractive reward system, they’re also more likely to become returning players.

It’s up to individual players if they want to keep playing the game for free, with access to limited rewards, or if they like the game enough to spend money and boost their rewards.  

Hero Rental

Thetan Arena recently introduced a new Hero Rental feature, which makes their game even more inclusive and accessible to casual players who do not have the time or money to reach higher hero levels. A similar feature was already introduced to different games, such as the most popular game in the world Axie Infinity, and now Thetan Arena is the first game to bring this feature to BNB chain.

Through Hero Rental, NFT holders and seasoned players can “rent” their NFT heroes to other players and earn rewards for doing so. This way, they can utilize their NFTs and gain earnings without having to play the game themselves. Players who borrow the heroes can try different gameplay experiences and get access to heroes they otherwise won’t be able to afford.

As for renters, players will spend the amount of THC set by the owners to receive the rented hero's temporary ownership as well as many other rewards while playing them, such as all gTHC earned in daily battles, all trophies, and power points.

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