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12 Days of NFTs With BNB Chain and OpenSea

2022.12.14  •  3 min read
Blog post image.

The festive season is around the corner and BNB Chain is collaborating with OpenSea to let you ring in the holidays in style.

12 Days of NFTs brings together some of the finest projects and NFT collections on BNB Chain for a festive campaign jam-packed with prizes. Building on the exciting news of OpenSea’s BNB Chain integration, we’ll be commemorating the lead up to the holidays with an advent calendar style initiative. With over $100K in NFTs up for grabs, BNB Chain users are going to want to take note.

Beginning on December 15th and lasting until December 26th, BNB Chain users will be able to wake up and count down the days to Christmas by ensuring they’re eligible to win a lucrative prize. Our Web3 advent calendar invites all of our community, builders and users alike to celebrate the incredible progress NFTs projects and communities have made on BNB Chain.

There has been huge interest throughout our ecosystem to offer users an opportunity to win exciting rewards. We’ve managed to include as many top projects as possible and over the course of the campaign users will be able to win NFT prizes from the following collections:

World League Live, RealFevr, Meta Apes, Kryptomon, Plant Empires, Gooodfellas, Hangout Metaverse, MONSTERRA NFT GAME, PearDAO, X World Games, Tap fantasy, Gameta, Derace, Gritti, Yuliverse, Lifeform, Trust Wallet, Space ID, Tiny World, Dracoo World, Planet Sandbox, Ultiverse, and MOBOX.

How to Emerge an NFT Winner

Over the course of 12 days, users will be able to qualify for a daily raffle that allows them to pick up a set of new prizes every single day. Our rundown, listed below, sees different projects offering initiatives on designated days for users to take part in.

To ensure qualification users must complete at least ONE BNB Chain NFT transaction on OpenSea on the relevant day for a chance to draw a prize. This means that either a sale or a purchase of a BNB Chain NFT will be counted. It’s important to note that BAB holders can get an additional opportunity to draw a prize in our daily raffle- this means TWO lucky draws.

With the first day of the campaign set to begin on December 15th, the relevant NFT prize will be sponsored by World League Live. The participating user is required to complete at least ONE BNB Chain NFT transaction on OpenSea to be eligible to draw a prize on Day 2 (December 16th).

The users who go on to complete at least one of the relevant transaction tasks during the 12 day campaign will also be eligible for a specially designed Commemorative Holiday NFT.

Participation Factors to Note

  • Each unique wallet address will only be eligible for ONE chance daily at drawing a lucky prize from the daily raffle, regardless of the number of BNB Chain NFT transactions completed on the relevant day. Only BAB token holders will receive TWO chances.
  • All relevant transactions must incur a BNB Cost and not be an OpenSea Transfer
  • Users are entitled to participate every day from December 15th to December 26th.

NFT Prize Distribution

All relevant prizes you earn throughout the 12 days of participation will be duly distributed within 14 days of the campaign's end.

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