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BNB Chain Revelation Hackathon

2022.3.8  •  7 min read
Blog post image.

We're standing at the edge of a new technological era.

With millions of developers worldwide preparing to transition into a more decentralized environment, it's time to level up the tempo and reward the first movers. That's why BNB Chain Developers Community is announcing a 50-day movement designed to bring the most creative and innovative builders together, help them team up, and build something unique for the future.

Announcing Revelation, a global hackathon by BNB Chain; a 50-day event packed with online workshops, in-person meetups, and $10 million in prizes and seed funding for the best competing teams. This event also kicks off BNB Long-term Grants and BNB GrantDAO, a long-term community grant initiative supporting multi-chain innovation

The dawn of MetaFi and Web3 is upon us, and the BNB Chain community is venturing into a new frontier.

Revelation is here

The hackathon is co-hosted by DoraHacks, one of the largest multi-chain developer communities and incentive platforms. DoraHacks and BNB Chain will also jointly launch and curate BNB GrantDAO, a long-term grant initiative to support and cultivate innovative startups in the BNB ecosystem. The registrations for the Revelation Hackathon will open on March 20, 2022, to onboard new developers to the BNB Chain ecosystem.

Just like BNB Chain, the Revelation hackathon is borderless and open to anyone with access to the internet and an interest in building projects that change lives. The hackathon will run from March 21 to May 10, for a total of 50 days, and it will consist of both online and offline events. During Revelation, hackers will get a chance to join remote workshops and in-person events across various locations globally.

The online workshops will focus on growing the hackers' knowledge and skill, introducing them to the latest tools and techniques in building dApps and connecting them with the leading teams from BNB Chain and other blockchains.

The in-person events will emphasize networking and growing the community. Hackers will meet the BNB Chain Dev Community as well as projects from within and outside the BNB Chain ecosystem,

Over these 50 days, Revelation will cover competition across 6 categories, spanning from the infrastructure required for a MetaFi future to sophisticated DeFi products. Together, we will tackle some of the most significant challenges the industry faces today and focus on creating products that push crypto adoption forward.

The possibilities are limitless, and only the best buidlers will be rewarded. The most talented teams can look forward to $10 million in prizes and seed funding, shared among the selected winners in the 6 categories.

Hacking the biggest issues in MetaFi and Web3

The competing teams can choose to participate in one or more of the 6 categories, but each team can win only in one category, so make sure to choose your niche carefully to give it your all.

Naturally, you'll find crossovers between the different categories, but your goal should focus on one track. If you're unsure which category suits you best, our teams are here to assist!

The 6 categories of Revelation hackathon are:

Disruptive DeFi sponsored by Venus
With almost 2 billion unbanked people, it's important to build financial services that work for everyone regardless of their race, social status, or citizenship. Revelation will reward disruptive DeFi products that provide innovative and attractive financial solutions for the masses. If you're interested in building highly compatible DeFi Legos, DeFi 2.0 (AMM, enhancers, extenders, derivatives), sophisticated DeFi such as liquidity staking, Everlasting options/Perpetual options,  Option Vaults,  Structured Product,  Fixed income, strategy factory product,  Stream Pay.

Innovative Infra sponsored by CelerNetwork & Ankr
Like any other enterprise, MetaFi needs a high-performance, reliable, and stable infrastructure to run seamlessly. That's why Revelation aims to attract hackers that build secure and high-speed Web3 infra, scaling and interoperability solutions for BNB Smart Chain App SideChain, digital ID & naming services, Web2 API & tooling for Web3, and EVM standards & optimization.

Frontier Technologies sponsored by CertiK
Revelation is not just about the regular crypto areas but also about exploring the unknown. We welcome teams that work on innovative solutions that adopt blockchain to solve critical problems in frontier fields such as quantum computing and spaces, space governance, smart implementation of blockchain in quantum software, and creative integrations that explore other frontier technologies such as healthcare or artificial intelligence.

NFT, GameFi and the Metaverse sponsored by KardiaChain
Artists, creators, players, and collectors are an important part of the crypto movement. That's why we need teams developing advanced GameFi infra & tooling, and tools that bridge Web2 games to Web3. Gaming is also among the key topics of Revelation, and here we're looking for GameFi with sustainable tokenomics in genres such as MMO RPG/Strategy, DeFi Gamification, FPS (Shooting), Action-Adventure/Adventure RPGs, Sports, Simulation. To bolster the gaming and creators ecosystem, apply if you're building NFT data analytics tools and APIs, NFT Tooling that enables the easy launch of NFT projects or creative NFT projects with a unique proposition. In addition, Revelation is also open to projects that change how we use social media, innovative SocialFi projects such as those that enable the creator economy, fan engagement, user-generated content, and community/social engagement.

DAOs & dCommunities sponsored by GuildFi
As Web3 will be decentralized, Revelation needs teams that focus on this area of innovation as well. A decentralized future needs disruptive DAOs & DaaS (DAO-as-a-Service), DAO operating systems & tooling for treasury and governance, decentralized government (dGov) infrastructure, and last but not least, the evolution of DAO in the form of DAO 2.0: Creative Designs & MediaDAO, VentureDAO, SocialDAO, etc.

Blockchain for Good sponsored by HashKey
With the world in turmoil, we can't forget about building tools for good causes that will better the lives of those less fortunate. Revelation will reward builders focused on trustless fundraising, donations infrastructure & apps, decentralized credit & ID systems for citizens, decentralized information & education applications, and innovative Web3 implementation of traditional industries such as agriculture & energy.

Revelation sub-events

FutureFi, April 5, Online Event

This one-day event will focus on the DeFi track, with dozens of investors, VCs, and leading projects interested in the DeFi space joining forces to boost the awareness and adoption of decentralized finance.

This 6-hour session will introduce the hackathon attendees to the main challenges and opportunities in DeFi. During FutureFi, you'll hear from projects such as Venus, Celer, LayerZero, Galler, CertiK, Tranches, Binance Labs, and many more.

How to Web3

How to web3 is a learn-to-earn campaign organized by BNB Chain, Project Galaxy, and CoinMarketCap, consisting of 10 courses from different projects. Whether they participate in the hackathon or not, all users can take courses and quizzes on the CMC educational platform and earn tokens from each course.

After completing the course on CMC, you can complete optional homework to claim an OAT (On-chain Achievement Token) NFT badge by Project Galaxy. Those who collect all 10 course badges can claim a special final NFT.  

We hope this will encourage the community to learn more about Web3 and how to use the functions of each project through the courses. Let's bring everyone to explore the Web 3 world on BNB Chain!

Vietnam GameFi + DeFi + NFT Expoverse, March 27, Dubai UAE

Vietnam GameFi+DeFi+NFT Expoverse is a half-day Revelation sub-event showcasing the inevitable mass-scale adoption of blockchain technology and how it is getting popular in Vietnam. The event is hosted by Binance Vietnam in Dubai, UAE.

The goal is to promote the benefits of blockchain technology and its use cases as one of the most essential opportunities for achieving economic and social progress.

It is themed around “idea to impact” - It’s time to get things rolling! Focusing on actionable outcomes, this expoverse will explore the disruptive influence that blockchain has on business models, especially in the entertainment and finance industries.

Entrepreneurs, artists, collectors, gamers, & digital enthusiasts shouldn't miss this. No matter your level of expertise, this "Expoverse" will have something for you, such as:

  • Exclusive NFT drops by game developers, artists, auction houses, fashion brands, musicians, sports teams, and digital metaverse, bringing all of them together from Vietnam.
  • Speakers & Educators - Take advantage of hours of valuable content and more with Q&A.
  • Networking - Make new acquaintances and discuss opportunities face to face.

Prizes and seed funding

Thanks to the BNB Chain Fund and Revelation's sponsors, the hackathon comes with massive prizes and seed funding totaling $10 million, distributed among the top hackathon teams across the 6 categories. We will specify the exact prize distribution shortly.

Revelation timeline

  • March 21 - Opening ceremony; registrations for hackathon open

Join us for the Opening Ceremony on March 21 at 13:00 UTC via Binance Live or watch on BNB Chain Twitter, BNB Chain Youtube, or Binance Twitter. The live stream is moderated by Gwendolyn Regina, Investment Director at BNB Chain Fund, who will introduce you to the Revelation Hackathon.

Her guests will be:
- Steve Ngok, Partner at DoraHacks
- Samy Karim, Ecosystem Coordinator at BNB Chain
- Uri F, Executive Director, BNB Foundation

  • March 21-May 10 - Project submissions
  • April 20-May 10 - Community & judge voting
  • May 10 - Grand Finale; winners announcement

Revelation is your chance to create something that will change the world. Stay tuned for the subsequent updates that will further specify the timeline, in-person events, and other details.

Register for Revelation now!

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