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BNB Chain's 3 Year Anniversary Celebration: $90,000 Prize Pool for 3YA NFT Holders!

2023.9.12  •  2 min read
Blog post image.

Recently, we called for your votes to recognize projects that make significant contributions to the BNB Chain ecosystem! All of you sure came through and showed your support – thank you! The overwhelming response to our Ecosystem Catalyst Awards was a testament to the vibrant and engaged BNB Chain community.

In an effort to recognise the community’s enthusiasm, we are thrilled to announce the BNB Chain 3 Year Anniversary Celebration with a staggering $90,000 worth of prizes up for grabs! And this is all thanks to the generosity of 18 outstanding BNB Chain Catalyst Candidates.

Join the raffle here and read ahead for the exciting details.

Let's take a moment to recognize these catalysts of innovation:

Hooked Protocol, HIM, Polyhedra Network, SecondLive, Gameta, Open Campus, SophiaVerse, MOBOX, Dmail Network, DexCheck, Glacier Network, ChainGPT, Tap Fantasy, NFPrompt, 4EVERLAND, Bolide.fi, PARSIQ, Dracoo World

We are incredibly grateful to these organizations and individuals for their contributions to the BNB Chain ecosystem. Their support has allowed us to create an anniversary celebration like no other. Now, we need your action!

  1. Visit the campaign page and Connect your wallet.
  2. Click 'Confirm' to join the Raffle.
  3. Await for the results to show up on the page on 18th Sep

If you're the lucky winner, your reward will be airdropped to your wallet within two weeks after the campaign concludes.

Please note:

Only 3YA NFT holders are eligible to enter.

Each participant can enter once and has a chance to win rewards from one of the featured projects.

Be part of the Celebration: September 12th to 18th

Mark your calendars for 12 September,12 PM UTC to 18 September, 12 PM UTC, as this is when the BNB Chain 3 Year Anniversary Celebration Campaign will take place.

Make sure to not miss out and claim your share of this $90,000 prize pool!

As we prepare for this momentous celebration, we encourage all NFT holders to stay tuned for further updates.

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