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New Projects on BNB Chain (11th - 17th November)

2023.11.17┬á┬áÔÇó┬á┬á2 min read
Blog post image.

Each week, BNB Chain onboards tons of new projects across the landscape of DeFi, SocialFi, Web3 gaming, and beyond. ­čöą

Take a look at the table below for descriptions of each, and make sure to follow any projects that capture your interest. Check back every week for updates on the latest members of the BNB Chain fam! Let's keep building Web3 together.

11th - 17th November

Twitter Account 



Value Brought to BNB Chain

Arcana Network


Arcana Network is building a UX-focused app-chain with a suite of products for developers and users

Arcana Network has till now generated over 6000 transactions on BNB Chain mainnet since their launch (~3 weeks ago). Their product SendIt has over 500k users and has processed over 2 million crypto transactions. 

Arcana Network can help BNB chain get a lot of traffic in the coming days. Arcana Network also has their airdrop coming hence their traffic is bound to double. 



Anome is an issuance and lending protocol of the new generation gaming asset NFT.

Creation of the Gods is the first fully on-chain NFT card game adopting Anome protocol.   This game offers abundant playable and valuable in-game assets, user-friendly experience. 

Game players do not spend money on purchasing NFTs of the game, but instead use the Stake method to mint game's NFTs for free.  Game players can retrieve staked funds at any time to ensure the safety of investment principal.  Besides, game players and game developers share game revenue  to ensure that game players receive a return on investment.



The world's first Web3 short video social platform for the Z era 

ÔÇô 100% on-chain

ÔÇô Own your social graph

ÔÇô Your keys,Your Assets

Built to bring the next billion users onchain.



Enabling simple access to your favourite people 

Eggcess' goal is to become the top SocialFi project on BNB Chain with a solid utility and being actually fun to use 



TokenFi is a platform for tokenizing assets in a few clicks

TokenFi aims to be the main platform on BNB Chain for creating tokens and tokenizing assets in the projected $16 trillion tokenization industry.

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