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Cartesi partners with Binance Smart Chain to provide high computational resources and a decentralized Linux environment for DApps

2020.9.30  •  2 min read
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This blog is contributed by Cartesi

We are pleased to announce that Cartesi is partnering with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to allow advanced smart contract capabilities and massive computation for DApps atop Binance Smart Chain. Binance Smart Chain is a highly scalable blockchain that supports smart contracts and Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) programmability, featuring high TPS (transactions per second), and fast decentralized trading with low fees.

Through the partnership with Cartesi, Binance Smart Chain will greatly increase developers’ capabilities, allowing them to implement fully decentralized DApps that run on a Linux-supporting virtual machine. Besides the advantages of developing DApp logic that compiles and runs on Linux, DApps on Binance Smart Chain will be able to unleash massive computation while preserving high security of Binance Smart Chain. This opens great opportunities for a new generation of decentralized games and DeFi products.

With the recent launch of Cartesi's DApp Incubation Program, DApp projects subsidized by the Cartesi Foundation will have the option to be deployed on Binance Smart Chain, benefiting from its low fees and high throughput capabilities.

Binance Smart Chain is an innovative solution to bring programmability and interoperability to Binance Chain. The dual-chain architecture will empower its users to build their decentralized apps and digital assets on one blockchain and take advantage of the fast trading to exchange on the other. Binance DEX remains a liquid venue of the exchange of assets on both chains.

Binance Smart Chain will also lead with a focus on building and porting over DeFi DApps. With Cartesi, a layer 2 solution that combines computational scaling with a Linux operating system for DApps, these applications will be able to perform complex and intensive computation involving large amounts of data off-chain while retaining decentralization and the security of the blockchain. These features give DeFi immense power, releasing it from the current scalability constraints of blockchain, in a fully decentralized way. Additionally, Cartesi allows for blockchain introspection -  parties can enter into contracts that depend on the entire state of the blockchain where the contracts are themselves defined.

The Cartesi and Binance Smart Chain partnership is part of Cartesi’s continual emphasis on the mainstream adoption of blockchain tech and its commitment to allowing developers to deploy their DApps on all relevant blockchains.

To get started with Cartesi on Binance Smart Chain, visit our docs here:

We also encourage anyone with questions to join our development community on Discord!


Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain is a sovereign smart contract blockchain delivering Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible programmability. Designed to run in parallel with Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain retains the former’s fast execution times and low transaction fees while adding Smart Contracts functionality to support compatible DApps.

For more information on Binance Smart Chain, visit

About Cartesi

Cartesi was founded in 2018 by Erick de Moura, Augusto Teixeira, Diego Nehab and Colin Steil and is building an operating system for DApps. Cartesi allows decentralized applications to run within a Linux environment. Complex processing can be executed off-chain, free from a blockchain’s computational limits and corresponding fees but without compromising decentralization. Cartesi has received funding by prominent investors and funds such as SNZ, SOSV, Artesian and recently concluded a public-sale event with Binance. The team’s vision is to make the development of DApps easy, scalable, and cost-efficient by incorporating tools developers already use.