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Start Your Local Event Today!

Joining the BNB Chain Builders Club empowers you to take the lead in organizing local events, connect with fellow like-minded enthusiasts, and actively contribute to shaping the future of Web3 technology.

Join Builders Club

What Can you Expect

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Organize Inspiring Meetups

Connect with peers, inspire conversations,& stay updated on BNB Chain’s advancements.

Supporting Community-Run Events

From beginners to veteran developers, the BNB Chain Builders Club welcomes all.

Contribute to Growth

Contribute to BNB Chain's growth by partaking in local build discussions. Explore insights collectively.

Global Movement

As a member, you'll bolster a global movement promoting BNB Chain and decentralized tech. Ignite awareness, share wisdom, and fuel Web3 enthusiasm locally.

Maximize Your Opportunities

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Organize Inspiring Meetups

Use BNB Chain branding to organize your own events.

Spearhead your own local community

Knowledge share and connect over interesting Web3 topics.

Potential support from BNB Chain

Potential support in terms of marketing exposure and financial incentives from BNB Chain, subject to terms and conditions.

Exposure to BNB Chain community.

You have the ready attention of a thriving community.

Builders Club Leads Can Enjoy More Of Benefits


24*6 technical support from BNB Chain tech team


Access to exclusive global Builders Club leads group


Priority access to new product releases


Exclusive BNB Chain swags & gifts


Job referrals, recommendations & career counseling


Exclusive event invitations

How to Host an Event?

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Join Builders Club

Complete the form and apply to be a Builders’ Club Lead. The BNB Chain team will follow up on your application.

Join Now
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Submit Your Event Proposal

Once you’ve been accepted as a Builders’ Club Lead, bring your event idea to life.

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Spearhead Your Local Community!

Organize local event and kickstart your community.

Oct 11・4min read

BNB Chain Builders Club: Where Innovation and Community Thrive

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Join Builders Club

Need More Support on Your Project?

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  • Choosing to join and participate in the BNB Chain Builders Club doesn't come with any direct monetary rewards, it's entirely up to you. It's important to know that the BNB Chain has the power to remove a club leader due to misconduct, or even close down the entire BNB Chain Builders Club, according to our sole discretion.
  • By joining, you agree to these rules as well as our Terms and Conditions. Continuous use affirms that you have a complete understanding of, and consent to, these terms.