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The Workspace for Building

Space B is a community hub run by BNB Chain to support Web3 entrepreneurs looking for a workspace to meet, build, and support each other.

Apply for Membership

Free Workspace at STATION F


Join one of Europe's leading startup ecosystems. Space B is located at STATION F, the world's largest startup campus in Paris, France. Web3 startups can apply for membership and utilize the space for a period of 2-6 months.

Community of Founders


Surround yourself with fellow entrepreneurs building in Web3. All Member startups at Space B are handpicked - connect with talented individuals and learn from each other.

Startup Resources


Benefit from BNB Chain’s network and exclusive events; gain access to our Kickstart program to help you start off your web3 project. Leverage the startup resources available at STATION F including a community of VCs, accelerators run by global brands, leading tech solutions, and a crypto club.

Apply for Membership


Where Our Community Comes Together

BNB Chain Connect - Breakfast N' Build

BNB Chain is hosting a breakfast meetup during Paris Blockchain Week ft. Sébastien Borget, co-founder of Sandbox, to share tips and best practices on building a web3 company.

2024年4月11日 上午09:30

No Filter with BNB Chain: Fundraising in the Bear Market

Feedback is a gift.So, we're hosting a new series of events based on it! It's called No Filter with BNB Chain and the theme of the first edition is inspired by many founders' favorite: fundraising during the bear market. Come listen to people receive

2023年10月24日 下午07:30

Web3 Communities

This panel is hosted by LVMH’s La Maison des Startups and BNB Chain to discuss Web3 Communities. Dive into the heart of one of the most significant paradigm shifts in modern digital interaction as we dissect the notion of Web3 communities – are they a tan

2023年5月10日 下午07:00

How to use Blockchain Data to create new services

Blockchain data is public and free by design, but how do you collect and use it? Let's find out how Bubblemaps made its way to create one of the most useful services.

2023年2月23日 下午05:30

How to Join Space B


To begin the process, teams must complete and submit an application form.

Apply for Membership


Once the application is submitted, our team will initiate an assessment based on fit and availability.


Qualified applicants will receive an email on how to onboard at Space B.

Build and Collaborate

Once onboarded, members get to work out of the space for a period of 2-6 months and get access to all of the resources at Space B.



  • Choosing to join and participate in SPACE B by BNB Chain doesn't come with any direct monetary rewards, it's entirely up to you. It's important to know that BNB Chain has the power to remove Participants at any time, or close down the SPACE B Program, according to our sole discretion.
  • By joining, you agree to the SPACE B Program Terms and Conditions. Continuous use affirms that you have a complete understanding of, and consent to, these terms.