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BNB Smart Chain (BSC) supports the most popular programming languages, flexible tools, and comes with clear and canonical documentation. You can quickly start and deploy your application on a blockchain designed with real use in mind.
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Best EVM Compatible

The best-performing EVM compatible layer 1. Fully compatible tooling for EVM with up to 35 times of capacity.

Massive User Base

Handling the largest daily active users and the highest peak EVM transactions with economical fees.

Most Diversified Assets APIs

Full support on all popular tokens via the most powerful Binance Bridge. The greatest opportunity for composability.

Strongest Ecosystem

Supported by a robust ecosystem of top-tier RPC plants, wallets, blockchain explorers, data indices, and substantial grants.

Migrate to BNB Chain

BNB Chain aims to provide help and support to projects looking to expand beyond their existing blockchain and build on BNB Chain

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MVB Program

The MVB V Accelerator Program is a BNB-focused accelerator program between BNB Chain and Binance Labs to help projects develop and grow more organically through coaching, investment, and network support.
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Scale with BNB Sidechain

BNB Sidechain is an infrastructure introduced to help developers and the application community to build and run their dedicated blockchain as a focused value system for a massive number of users while still maintaining a close connection with BNB Chain.


A blockchain dedicated to the application logic with the independent community governance and economy.


BNB Sidechain is a high-performance blockchain with high TPS and ultra-low gas fees.


Projects that own a BNB Sidechain are also a part of the broader BNB Chain ecosystem.


BNB Sidechain is backed by the largest community of users and developers.

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