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Over the time, BNB Chain has become a flourishing ecosystem with a range of projects across GameFi, SocialFi, DeFi and the Metaverse. The ecosystem is packed with dApps that offer you a fun, exciting, and dynamic landscape to explore. In this article, we’ll help you discover some of the most popular and interesting dApps we found, so you don’t have to spend time exploring the ecosystem and jump straight into action. In May we tried 11 dApps that have high potential as well as a considerable number of active users and transactions.

1. StepN: the dopest blockchain fitness app right now on BNB Chain

Speaking of the hottest dApp, how can we not mention StepN? The Web 3 Lifestyle app that combines GameFi and SocialFi has reached approximately 700,000 daily active users within a few months. The Fitness app developed by FindSatoshi Labs excites the entire blockchain user base as players can earn tokens (GST/GMT) through walking, jogging, or running with their NFT sneakers.

StepN announced the collaboration with BNB chain on 28 March and sold 2,000  StepN x Asics sneakers on Binance NFT and its secondary market. On 3 May, StepN announced that for owners of their Genesis Sneakers, StepN would airdrop BNB Chain Sneakers to them.

In addition, STEPN also mentioned earlier that they would cooperate with more different luxury brands to launch NFT sneakers. In other words, players can also buy these collectible NFT sneakers with earning abilities in the future. According to StepN's roadmap on the official website, they will launch different events, such as marathons and a rental system.

To know more about StepN, please read: BNB Chain Project Spotlight: StepN

2. NetMarble: The traditional game giant that adopts Web3 technology

If you consider yourself a gamer, you must be familiar with NetMarble. The Korea-based gaming developer ranked top 10 in App Annie’s 2021 global mobile game publisher rankings. Netmarble has developed many smash hits mobile games, including Marvel: Future Fight Revolution, Lineage 2 Revolution, and Star Wars Force Arena.

Netmarble is now incorporating blockchain technology to enhance players’ gaming experience and bring their game to the next level. NetMarble F&C recently deployed their first blockchain game, Golden Bros, on BNB Chain. It is a  3v3 combat shooting game with “Free to Play”(F2P) and “Play to Earn”(P2E). Golden Bros is currently in the early access stage, and the official launch is targeted to mid 2022.

Will Golden Bros become another P2E masterpiece on BNB Chain? Well, it seems the answer has been reflected through the sales of their NFT Mystery Boxes, since presales were all sold out on Binance NFT within a second. If you missed the presales, no worries. Starting on 28 April, the CUBE Presale will offer 50,000 NFTs of an all-new, never-before-seen premium costume, which can be obtained from the CUBE Market and the game's website.

3. ERA7: Game of Truth

Do you like playing card games that require your in-game skills? ERA7: Game of Truth would be a good choice for you.

ERA7: Game of Truth is a P2E, metaverse-style TCG, developed on BNB Chain, which has been created by a team of core blockchain devs and members of well-known casual game development companies.

With the perfect combination of fighting and strategy, this game becomes thrillingly immersive and is split up into separate three-minute games. Players can combine the cards in their own card library in different ways to ensure that their deck is as strong as possible. They can play either PVE or PVP by deploying and placing cards.

According to DappRaddar, ERA7 earned a spot in the top 10 rankings on the 24-hour GameFi Trading Volume List on 17 May.
Adding to the accolades, NFTScan revealed that ERA7 ranked second on the Top Mints list on 16 May. 

4. BinaryX: Completing their metaverse by launching more exciting games

BinaryX is an innovative decentralized derivatives trading protocol that transformed into a Gamefi project in August 2021. According to the statistics from BSCdaily, it was the second most traded metaverse project on 16 May, with daily transaction volume amounting to $46 million. They have recently unveiled the latest version of its roadmap and events.

Their first game, CyberDragon, is a blockchain-based Metaverse MMORPG where DeFi rules are gamified, game props derivatives are NFTed, and players can enjoy a variety of PVE and PVP battles in the game or engage in fun gameplay where they can earn.

To complete their metaverse, BinaryX is targeted to launch additional exciting games to thrill their community. Earlier this week, the project team launched CyberArena, the Cyber ​​series card game with free to play and play to earn elements. Players can form into a group by arranging cards and crafting strategies to defeat opponents. In Q3 2022, the team will launch CyberChess, an auto chess game. Players can become the commander and line up with troops. In Q4 2022, The Cyber ​​series CyberLand will be launched. This will be a unique metaverse world of CyberDragon, land auctions, castle systems, and team dungeons.

5. Mines of Dalarnia: A blockchain game with the fastest growth on BNB Chain now

Are you looking for a game on BNB Chain in which you can fight monsters and find scarce resources, which are NFTs? Mines of Darlania would be a good choice.

Though Mines of Darlania has just launched its mainnet on 26 April, it was the most traded metaverse project on 16 May, with a daily transaction volume of $61 million, according to BSCdaily.

But why is it so hot?

As a game backed by Binance, Chromia, and Animoca Brands, Mines of Dalarnia is an action adventure game with F2P and P2E elements. It centers on collecting resources, mining, and completing missions to reach a higher level. In Mines of Dalarnia, there are two roles: miner and landowner for players to pick. As a miner, your powers are used to fight monsters and destroy blocks to find resources. As a landowner, all you need to do is to offer your land to miners, and you can get paid in the form of tools, minerals, and tokens. Mines of Dalarnia’s native Token DAR is at the core of the game economy and utilized in several ways, such as trading on the marketplace, renting mining plots, or crafting equipment.

6. Meta Apes: The first game running on BNB Application Sidechains (BAS)

Meta Apes is a MMO strategy game with both free-to-play and play-to-earn elements. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world, in which humanity has ended, and a new era ruled by Apes has begun. Next on the agenda is space domination.

The BNB Chain community is thrilled to announce that Meta Apes is also the first game deployed on the BNB Application Sidechain (BAS). BAS offers high throughput and ultra-low transaction fees, which means users will benefit from a better gaming experience.

Meta Apes has launched its beta version and will have its official launch in the next few weeks. It will also launch sales of its NFTs soon, which allows players to get higher rewards.

7. Thetan Arena: The king of Battle Royale in GameFi

If you are an OG player in blockchain games, you definitely should have heard about Thetan Arena! They had a record of over 1.2 million daily active players last year, with more than half of them playing the free model.

Thetan Arena is a blockchain-based MOBA and Battle Royale game deployed on BNB Chain with many exciting and unique gameplay designs and in-game economic directions. Thetan Arena is F2P and P2E, which combines the competitive elements of MOBA (e.g. Dota, League of Legends) and Battle Royale (e.g. Fortnite) games. Those are the two modes that players can currently choose, and Thetan Arena is actively gathering user feedback to enable the community to determine the next battle mode.

Thetan Arena would be one of the most exciting games in the second half of 2022 as they will launch several exciting events including tournaments. Thetan Arena also plans to launch Africa Server later in the year. To know more about the latest news from Thetan Arena, please stay tuned to Thetan Arena’s Twitter!

8. Corite: a blockchain-based music platform cooperating with Alan Walker to launch music NFT

NFT technology could be a game-changer in the music industry.

Corite is a Sweden-based digital platform that launched Corite CO, a blockchain-based music platform jointly powered by fans and artists to finance and promote music in a unique Play to Earn model that will hack the music industry at its core. Project CO lets independent artists leverage their fan power to get their music on major streaming services, such as Spotify, Apple Music, TikTok, and YouTube. The platform is used by tens of thousands of fans and artists already. Bringing Corite to the blockchain will enable control, ownership, and new ways to enjoy and live off digital art and music by rewarding activity and engagement.

Recently, Corite announced that Superstar Norwegian DJ and producer Alan Walker is partnering with them to deliver what the company calls “new experiences” to his fanbase through Web3 and blockchain technology.

According to Corite, Walker is engaging in a long-term partnership with them to allow his fans to become influential stakeholders and co-creators in the Alan Walker universe. Alan Walker and Corite will launch their NFT soon.

9. SecondLive: upgrading and launching the infrastructure that enables users to create their ideal space

The core value of metaverse is create-to-earn. This is one of the ultimate goals that SecondLive aims to achieve.

SecondLive is committed to providing players with a series of metaverse infrastructure, economic systems, and social systems while introducing singers, DJs, sports stars, and artists. Last month, SecondLive organized the first metaverse concert with the well-known rapper, Quavo of Migos, on BNB Chain.

According to Alice Liv, the co-founder of SecondLive, the platform will gradually grow capacity from 5,000 to 8,000 and then 10,000 people in one show, which would be far better than most of its peers in the industry.

To allow more singers or other users to create their own space easily, Alice said SecondLive would launch PUGC and UGC tools soon, which help users to create their own space to do anything they want. “We’ll launch our PUGC tool for professional players. If they can draw and model with Unity, some pro-players can use these tools with SecondLive’s API to create space, items, avatars, dance moves, or whatever they want by themselves, while the UGC tools for those unfamiliar with Unity or coding, which are easy to use for regular players.”

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10. SPACE ID: Create your own BNB Chain domain name here

Have you ever thought your crypto wallet address is too long and complicated? Have you ever been annoyed by managing multiple crypto wallet addresses? SPACE ID would be the solution to manage your traditional crypto wallet addresses! The project is building a universal name service network with one Oracle which seamlessly connects people, information, assets, and applications across blockchains. It’s decentralized, censorship-resistant, and open-sourced.

With SPACE ID, this will let everyone own their first BNB Chain domain name (e.g. Alvin.bnb), and will become the standard domain identifier to be integrated with its whole ecosystem.

Anyone can register for .bnb domains to replace the traditional BNB Chain addresses.

Moreover, users will have the domain NFTs which represent the ownership of the domain name. In addition, you can set custom records to your .bnb domains to enjoy an easier user experience with thousands of dApps in the BNB Chain ecosystem.

11. Project Galaxy: A Web 3 Infrastructure that helps projects leverage digital credential data and NFTs

Project Galaxy is a Web3 credential data network, built on an open and collaborative infrastructure. It aims to help Web3 developers and projects leverage digital credential data and NFTs to build better products and communities. Also, Project Galaxy enables curators to aggregate credentials through multiple data sources on-chain and off-chain. Project Galaxy empowers developers to leverage credentials through Application Modules, Credential Oracle, and Credential API.

Project Galaxy also introduced OATs (On-Chain Achievement Token) - a lightweight badge standard designed for event organizers to distribute NFT badges and create NFTs for life experiences easily. OATs gamify the user experience and introduce loyalty program features for protocols, thereby drawing a larger user base to bnb chain projects’ activities. They are critical in helping early-stage projects gain traction and users.

Galaxy has carried out over a hundred OAT Campaigns on BNB Chain so far. Some examples are How to Web 3 on BNB Chain, Mintverse Spring Carnival, BNB Chain Revelation Hackathon, and Melos Concert in the Cloud.

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